How Long Can You Keep Leftover Sushi?

We can't speak for everyone, but we know how easy it is to over-order sushi, and sometimes we even do it on purpose. There's nothing better than having your lunch or dinner already sitting and waiting for you, and it's that much more appealing when you know it'll be a delicious fish-and-rice sushi roll, complete with ginger and soy sauce. But after the first day in the fridge, how long can it really stay there? 

We know there are certain rules for different types of leftovers, but what about for raw fish? Turns out, sushi actually has a pretty short shelf life, but there are some techniques you can use to correctly store it that will keep it fresh until the next day when you eat it and help to reduce any weird textures (aka hard rice, slimy fish, and soft sashimi) and keep your sushi ready for round two (via Health).

You should probably only keep sushi for about 24 hours

Good news and bad news — you can absolutely take home that sushi from the supermarket or restaurant and enjoy it at a later time, but you need to make sure that "later time" is within a 24-hour window. According to Spoon University, "The important part to remember is to not leave it unrefrigerated because bacteria can actually grow on sushi that has a raw component, such a spicy tuna rolls and sashimi (which is basically just slices of raw fish)." 

If you want to be extra cautious, the outlet recommends storing your sushi in a plastic wrap and then placing it in an air-tight container for best results. It's also good to remember to try and take off as much excess moisture as you can before storing it (this helps prevent more bacteria growth) and to make sure your refrigerator is at 41 degrees or lower, to ensure there isn't any warmth that might make the sushi go bad. Feel free to take that sushi to go, just make sure you're eating it for lunch the next day, and not, say, dinner three days later.