The Internet Is Having The Time Of Its Life Over A Basketball Game Food Delivery

Basketball is a fast-paced sport that involves frequent running up and down the court, with essentially only fouls and timeouts to break up the frenetic action. There isn't a whole lot of time to dawdle, and it's not exactly an easy time to pause for a meal, whether you're a player or official. When basketball players or referees get hungry during a game, they can always use the 15-minute halftime break to grab a snack or a quick bite before they return for the second half. But at a January 26 college basketball game between Atlantic 10 teams Loyola and Duquesne, a curious and unusual thing happened involving food.

The game appeared to be interrupted by an Uber Eats delivery person walking onto the court during the action, and toting a McDonald's bag and drink in hand (per Today). This bizarre occurrence led to a temporary delay, as confused officials attempted to sort things out, and, as one might imagine, the images and video quickly went viral.

'One of the absolute funniest things I have ever seen'

One awe-struck Twitter follower posted the photo of anĀ Uber Eats delivery guy making his way into the middle of a basketball game, accompanied by the caption, "this is gonna go down as one of the most random pictures in sports history." Another proclaimed, "this is the best thing I have ever seen in a basketball game" (via USA Today). Instagram got in the act as well, with one person cracking, "'Leave food at foul line.'"

If you watched this all unfold live or caught the video that circulated online, you may have been left thinking that the whole thing had to be a marketing stunt. Duquesne University, which hosted the basketball game in its gym, released a statement shortly after, revealing that the incident was an apparent prank committed by someone wearing a mic with multiple people filming him. The school said it would be reviewing its security protocols because of the event (via ESPN). Obviously you want to ensure players and officials are safe, but fortunately in this instance, it was just a case of dumb, harmless fun that briefly captured the internet's attention.