Uber Eats Orders For This Comfort Food Went Up Over 1,000% In 2021

Decisions relating to food are without doubt the hardest you will ever make throughout your life. Forget insignificant things like buying a house, finding a job, or getting married — the really tough times come when you're presented with irresistibly tasty food choices but can only select one.

This is why ordering food is such a challenge. Sure, the folks living on the International Space Station must face a few difficulties from time to time, but they don't have to contend with the overwhelming choices offered by restaurants and takeouts. Never has floating around the universe in a tin can seemed so idyllic.

Unfortunately, screaming stomachs and the relentlessness of modern life mean that having the time to choose the perfect food option is severely restricted. That's why comfort foods come in so handy to fight the hounding rage of hunger. But, given the vast range of fatty, greasy, and sugary options available to satisfy tingling taste buds, what are America's favorite comfort foods?

A survey of America's eating habits shows comfort foods are extremely popular

As the comfort food category overflows with the likes of pizza, chocolate, and ice cream, anything coming out on top as an ultimate favorite must be a true titan. Well, according to Uber Newsroom, cheese fries are a serious contender for the top spot. Its data shows that orders for cheese fries through Uber Eats have grown by an astonishing 1,234% (which also gives cheese fries the crown of having the most satisfying statistic ever).

Additional analysis by Food and Wine notes the most popular types of food that Americans are enjoying. Mexican dishes top the long list of competitors, while burgers and sandwiches finish in second place, followed by Chinese food in third. Showing more evidence of the comfort food trend, French fries and garlic naan are w of the options selected with the highest frequency.

Continuing the theme of comfort food obsession, Uber Newsroom reveals the most common foods to order with alcohol. Seeing wings and beer conquer the list, close rivals tacos with sangria swirl and pizza with White Claw Mango narrowly missed the top spot.