Alton Brown Is Teasing A New Project With An Ominous Name

Most people would undeniably consider Alton Brown to be a celebrity chef icon. Well, Alton Brown doesn't actually consider himself a chef and prefers to call himself a cook. He has a long career in television and has written, directed, and starred in numerous shows. According to Biography, he actually decided to attend the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont with the intention of creating a cooking show. The show he developed, "Good Eats," was picked up by the Food Network in 1999. Alton Brown said in his book "Good Eats: The Early Years," "I wasn't going to let the fact that I was little more than a hobbyist cook get in the way," per Biography.

In addition to "Good Eats," he is beloved for his roles on the Food Network cooking shows "Iron Chef America" and "Cutthroat Kitchen." Brown, who is well-known for his quirky personality, has even had voice acting roles on shows like "Spongebob SquarePants," "The Simpsons," and "Scooby Doo" (via IMDB). Understandably, Alton Brown views his roles in television rather than his cooking skills as more defining to who he is professionally.

Alton Brown announced a new project on Twitter

Now, Alton Brown let the word out on Twitter about a new show he has in the works saying, "I have a new project that I'm massively excited about: #DeathOnThePlate. More info coming soon." A chorus of excited responses ensued. One Twitter user asked Brown if the show would be airing on Netflix. In 2020, Brown left The Food Network without an official announcement, notes Variety. When he heard about Netflix's reboot of "Iron Chef", he knew he wanted to be a part of it. He now hosts alongside chef Kristen Kish on Iron Chef.

Surprisingly, Brown responded to the inquiry with a simple "Nope." The new #DeathOnThePlate project will apparently not be on Netflix. Alton Brown fans are prying into what the new project could be about. One user tweeted at Brown asking, "Is it about famous people who died while dining?" Another user pitched an intro –- "Three novice foragers create a meal using mushrooms they gather themselves that may or may not be toxic! Tune in to see who survives!" So far, Brown has been tight-lipped as to what he's cooking up next.