Daphne Oz's Olive Oil Tip For The Perfect Lasagna

A graceful balancing act, Daphne Oz is a mother, wife, best-selling author, award-winning television host, social media influencer, and of course, chef. Oz rose to fame as a member of "The Chew," a daytime talk show centered around food and cooking, before becoming the familiar foodie that thousands of fans know and love today (via IMDB). When she's not writing national best sellers like "The Dorm Room Diet," "The Happy Cook," and her most recent "Eat Your Heart Out," Oz is crafting inimitable dishes like spicy watermelon gazpacho, eggless caesar salads, and creme brûlée cinnamon buns, per Daphne Oz's website.

On TikTok, where Oz has over 680 thousand followers, she shares recipes, dieting advice, and kitchen hacks, and even shows off her mixology skills with the occasional cocktail recipe. Recently, she took the video-sharing social media platform to offer her followers and fellow foodies a simple hack for making the perfect lasagna. Lasagna can be tricky, unlike some Italian pasta dishes, which can be as easy as simply boiling noodles and adding in sauce. Because it's a baked pasta dish, it's easy for the cooked sheet noodles to stick together while you assemble what should be uniform layers of meaty, cheesy goodness.

Lucky for pasta fans everywhere, Daphne Oz has the solution to sticky lasagna — olive oil.

Olive oil will keep your lasagna noodles from sticking together while you assemble the layers

Daphne Oz introduced the TikTok video with a disclaimer stating she only adds olive oil to cooked noodles for lasagna. If you use this hack for other pasta dishes, just know it's not Daphne Oz-approved. When it comes to lasagna, however, Oz adds a drizzle of olive oil to her cooked lasagna noodles and tosses them with tongs before assembling them flat on a baking dish. She notes that lasagna sheet noodles can get stuck together in the assembling process, making for a stressful and overstimulating cooking experience. 

Oz says that you should avoid this tip for other pasta recipes because "you want the natural starch of the pasta to be present to help bind any delicious sauce!" Seeing that no one is eager to spend extra time in the kitchen peeling apart sticky, individual sheets of lasagna noodles, this Daphne Oz olive oil tip is mostly for convenience.

So the next time you're baking lasagna, add olive oil to your cooked noodles before assembling the layers for a hassle-free cooking experience!