Ryan Hackney Actually Did A 5-Course Test At Anna Sorokin's Dinner Party

Whether you heard about her in the news or by watching her recently aired Netflix series "Inventing Anna," you may be familiar with ex-convict Anna Sorokin, infamously known to her victims as Anna Delvey. Per People, Sorokin racked up millions by posing as a German heiress in New York City. Relying on fake identification, bank statements, and credit cards, she defrauded various businesses, including financial institutions hotels, as well as individuals. At the end of January, with an ankle monitor and all, Sorokin used her dinner party reality series, "Delvey's Dinner Party," as an opportunity to hold a late birthday celebration, as reported by ET Online. According to the media company Butternut's CEO, Courtney White, the show will reveal who Sorokin actually is by telling "her story in her own words."

The party was held a few months after release from federal prison and reportedly required non-disclosure agreements from all the attendees, according to Page Six. The forms allegedly requested the guests' social security numbers. "People were waiting outside on the street to get in. There was full door security and a clipboard person. The gimmick of going to Anna's house is exciting right now," revealed an unnamed attendee. In order to whip up the food, chef Ryan Hackney showed up and showed out for Sorokin.

Ryan Hackney tested upcoming menu offerings

Citizens & Culture chef Ryan Hackney wasn't only present for Anna Sorokin's "Club House Arrest" birthday party. According to Eater DC, the chef knows Sorokin's publicist and expressed excitement about being involved in the event. He reportedly treated the guests to a five-course test of offerings that will become available at his Citizens & Culture cafe later this year – though not necessarily in the same form. Formulated with the help of chef Jessica Shields, the lineup included a dish called "The Delvey," which featured braised short ribs, edible flowers, and maple bourbon glazed carrots. A different dish took its name from "The Godfather." Referred to as "Luca Brasi Sleeps With the Fishes," the crime-themed creation featured seared salmon, roasted squash, and pureed butternut squash.

The festivities came complete with a champagne toast, as reported by E Online. Because the party was filmed for her "Delvey Dinner Party," series, it's no surprise she brought out the big guns when it came to food. In the lead-up to her show, Sorokin said, "There's nothing like the experience of bringing together a curated group of friends to share life stories and enjoy a great culinary experience," per Page Six.

Hackney has certainly had practice trying to prove great culinary experiences for well-known faces. According to Washington Life, Hackney has previously popped up on Food Network, having appeared on "Beat Bobby Flay" and "Bite Club." The D.C. native even cooked for the Obamas.