Trader Joe's Italian Tomato & Red Onion Focaccia Has Instagram Salivating

Anyone who loves bread should learn how to make focaccia. This simple focaccia bread recipe comes out nice and fluffy, and it's sure to impress at a dinner party. There's no need to knead the dough, and you can top the bread with your favorite herbs, olives, cheese, or veggies. Between its simplicity and the ability to customize the dough, this recipe is ideal to feed a crowd.

But when it comes to making homemade focaccia, you should never skip out on giving the bread enough time to rise. At the very least, you should let your dough rest at room temperature for two to four hours, but ideally, the dough should rest in the fridge overnight and before sitting on the counter or a warm surface again the next day.

So if you're in a pinch and craving focaccia, the best thing to do is make a quick trip to the store to buy the bread instead of baking it yourself. For those people who haven't found a delicious store bought focaccia yet, look no further than Trader Joe's because customers are raving about the chain's Italian Tomato & Red Onion Focaccia.

Here's what Trader Joe's fans have to say about the Italian Tomato & Red Onion Focaccia

On the company's Instagram, Trader Joe's posted a photo of this particular focaccia. This focaccia is already fully cooked, but it's flash frozen, so you'll need to pop it in the oven to warm the bread up. If you've passed this item by already, you might want to add it to your grocery list before the focaccia sells out. Multiple people have commented about buying multiple focaccias, like one person saying, "This is so good! Bought one then five!!"

In fact, this focaccia is so good that people are saving it all for themselves. Another customer wrote, "It's in my freezer waiting for me to eat alone so I don't have to share." People seem to like this focaccia because of its versatility and have been sharing how they like to eat it, which includes adding eggs, eating it with soup or salad, and pairing it with burrata or balsamic vinegar.

Another reason people are obsessed with the Italian Tomato & Red Onion Focaccia is because it's vegan. Although the bread isn't labeled, people on Instagram and Reddit pointed out that based on the ingredients list, this is a vegan product, making it appealing to a wider customer base. Will you be picking this up on your next shopping trip? If you need more ideas, Redditors have shared even more ways to eat focaccia from Trader Joe's.