Reddit Is Running To Aldi For Autumncrisp Green Grapes

Grapes are a convenient and healthy snack that you can graze on throughout the day, plucking a few here and there to stave off hunger between meals or pack on the go for your children's school lunch or your workday. Although you can buy grapes at the grocery store any time of year, the peak season for the fruit in the U.S. is August through October.

They can be sweet, juicy, and crispy when just right, but in addition to the taste they offer a number of nutritional benefits. Grapes are rich in vitamins such as Vitamin K and B vitamins and contain minerals like copper and potassium. It may help reduce cholesterol and improve heart health, and they are full of antioxidants that can help decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes (via Healthline). While buying red or green has no major impact on the nutrition you get from grapes, people will form strong opinions regarding the quality of different varieties, and Reddit is raving about the Autumncrisp brand green grapes found at Aldi.

Aldi: The place for 'fun grape options'

User missmarenkay posted a picture of Aldi's Autumncrisp green grapes to the subreddit r/aldi, touting the product to fellow patrons, urging them to "Run, don't walk!" to go buy them. Her photo caption further elaborated that Autumncrisp "are the best grapes that I've ever had. Insanely crispy, as the name implies, and not too sweet."

The ringing endorsement was echoed by other Autumncrisp converts. One contributor exclaimed, "So, so good. And they're HUGE! I've really been pushing going to Aldi for their produce specifically for their 'fun grape' options." Another commenter agreed that the Autumncrisp grapes are "really good," and even recommended additional selections for grape aficionados. "I also love their green cotton candy grapes and their red candy heart grapes."

Redditor thatweirdgirl302 concurred that Aldi has been knocking it out of the park recently with respect to grapes in general. "Aldi has the best grapes lately. I love their large container of table grapes." If you find yourself craving some crispy, delicious grapes, it might be time to hit up a local Aldi and get it in on the fun.