McPlant Nuggets Are Coming To McDonald's Germany

If you have ever craved the crispy, dippable Chicken McNuggets, but don't partake in eating meat, then mark your calendars and brush up on your German, because fast-food powerhouse McDonald's is set to launch the McPlant nuggets to its European market. As part of its three-year global partnership with plant-based food innovators Beyond Meat that began in 2019, McDonald's is releasing its McPlant nuggets as well as its McPlant burger in Germany starting February 22, according to CNBC.

This current wave of plant protein food items will be a welcome addition to McDonald's stacked menu and give more options to those looking for meat alternative meals. The McPlant burger — which is supplied by Beyond Meat — was first tested in Canadian markets in 2019, and has since been added as a permanent menu item in countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland, and Austria. Now, with the McPlant nuggets set to hit select German locations next week, what can European customers expect the next time they visit the golden arches?

What's in the new McDonald's McPlant nuggets?

German McDonald's fans can expect an innovative new alternative to the classic Chicken McNuggets which have been a menu staple. The new McPlant nuggets will be made from Beyond Meat's own recipe which includes wheat, peas, and corn covered with a crispy tempura breading, according to CTV News. The new item will undoubtedly try to mirror the already popular traditional nuggets, but with the added appeal to those who follow a vegetarian diet. The European McDonald's menu already consists of Veggie Dippers, which have been certified by the Vegetarian Society and are made of a blend of sundried tomato pesto and red pepper, according to the McDonald's menu.

This new menu item roll-out is just another step in a limited-time partnership between McDonald's and Beyond Meat that hopes to build and co-develop further plant-based items including chicken, egg, and pork substitutes, according to Beyond Meat. Although it hasn't been released whether or not the McPlant nuggets will make their way to the United States quite yet, until then, vegetarian fast-foodies can plan their trip to Deutschland if they can't stand the wait.