Why You Might Start Seeing A Lot More Beyond Meat Products

Meatless meat has skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, as more and more people search for healthier, plant-based alternatives to things like juicy burgers and crispy chicken nuggets. According to a 2021 report by CB Insights, sales of plant-based meat in 2020 hit about $7 billion dollars, up 27% from the year before. Beyond Meat remains one of the best-known names in the meatless meat space, which originally became famous for its Beyond Burger, as people raved that it tastes just like the real thing. In fact, you can now find it on the menu at many major restaurant chains, including Denny's, Pizza Hut, and TGI Friday's.

You can also shop Beyond Meat products in grocery stores. While there are plenty already on the shelves — including spicy sausage, ground beef, Italian meatballs, and most recently, beef jerky — you will likely notice the selection of the brand's plant-based meat growing over the next couple of months. Here's how Beyond Meat is expanding its reach in 2022, along with where you'll be able to find the products if you want to try them yourself at home.

Beyond Meat is expanding to more stores

While Beyond Meat was already available in many grocery stores across the country — like Walmart, Giant, Harris Teeter, and more — it will be increasing its offerings over the next few months. According to a recent press release from the brand, Beyond Meat's newest chicken tenders (which came out in 2021) will now be sold at even more retailers in the United States, including Albertsons, CVS, Sprouts, and Whole Foods Market. The brand also noted that you will soon find Beyond Meat chicken on the menu at KFC, Panda Express, and A&W, with limited-time releases.

As for what the chicken tenders taste like? One Food Network reviewer said they couldn't even tell the difference between Beyond Meat's meatless tenders and actual chicken. Another BuzzFeed reviewer — who admitted to not liking Beyond Meat's first attempt at chicken — was surprised at how good the tenders were. "There's a definite springy, sproingy texture when you're chewing it that feels like you could actually be biting into the flesh of an animal with all of the stringy, tendon-like consistency," they explained.