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Martha Stewart Just Dropped A Cookware Collab With Amazon

Beginning with her first cookbook "Entertaining" in 1982, Martha Stewart has captivated an audience of millions with her multimedia empire. For more than 40 years, fans have turned to Stewart for advice on sumptuous recipes, home décor, garden design, and fashion. Stewart's collaborations with rapper Snoop Dogg over the last several years have helped captivate a younger generation, creating a new wave of devotees.

Stewart's fans who also happen to have Amazon Prime accounts will be especially delighted to hear about her newly-announced partnership with the online retailer. On February 15, Amazon launched a collection called The World of Martha. The Amazon page opens with a banner in Stewart's signature teal green and features a huge range of products: cookware, bedding, books, and even pet care products. 

In a statement, Amazon said that this partnership means it now boasts "the largest selection of Martha Stewart's home and lifestyle essentials."

Martha Stewart's partnership promises an immersive experience

In its press release, Amazon shared that the World Of Martha page will be a "one-stop shop for Martha Stewart essentials." The page not only features links to Stewart's lines of kitchen tools, wearables, and home décor, but it also includes recipes and instructional videos. Recipes currently available on the page include French toast, macaroni and cheese, pot roast, and a collection of St. Patrick's Day recipes. Every recipe includes a curated list of tools used to make the dishes (that viewers can click on and purchase, of course). 

Martha Stewart announced the launch in an Instagram post, telling fans that "all things Martha are now available on Amazon." (She also threatens her Alexa speaker with a large skillet, lest it reveal her real age.) While some followers expressed dismay on the post that Stewart chose to work with Amazon over smaller, local retailers, most of the comments show that her fans are pretty excited about this news. 

And one follower had an really intriguing suggestion that any Martha Stewart fan would surely jump on if available. User @felicia_luv asked, "Can we change Alexa to your voice?"