The Practical Reason You Should Never Buy Full-Priced Boxed Pasta

Boxed pasta offers a versatile foundation for building a budget-friendly meal. You can keep dishes delightfully quick and simple with options such as plain spaghetti and tomato sauce topped with parmesan. You can add in proteins like meatballs and sausage or veggies, such as peppers and mushrooms, or use a combination. Mix up some elbow macaroni with your preferred blend of ooey-gooey melting cheeses to make an all-ages fan favorite, mac and cheese. There are also slightly more time-consuming pasta dishes like lasagna, featuring layers with your choice of cheeses, meats, and veggies.

Due to its versatility, it's easy to make pasta recipes that are dangerously delicious and highlighted by creative fusion flavors, such as a creamy jerk Rasta pasta that blends Jamaican and Italian cuisine. However, don't overspend on this simple base ingredient. When planning out your next pasta creation, remember that there is no practical reason for buying full-priced boxed pasta at the grocery store. 

Pasta for a buck

If you're living on a tight budget and searching for the best deals, pasta can give you a great bang for your buck. Sometimes, this can be taken literally. Supermarkets often offer boxes of pasta on sale for a dollar (especially store brands) even in the midst of inflation and rising grocery costs. Watch out for specials in grocery stores to avoid paying the full price. If possible, you can even stock up on three to four boxes of various kinds of pasta in a single trip.

You can make a lot of food with a single box of spaghetti or penne. Another excellent option is angel hair pasta. If you're only cooking for one person, a box can easily make two to three meals. Or, if you have family or roommates, it can serve several people, especially when paired with sauces, proteins, or extra ingredients you prepare to accompany it. Purchasing boxed pasta at a discounted price provides an affordable dinner option with nearly limitless recipe options. Our advice is to keep a few boxes in your pantry at all times for budget-friendly meals any night of the week.