Reddit Spotted Aldi Eggs For Under $3 & This Is Not A Drill

The price of eggs the last few months has been out of control, a fact that's so widely reported that even those who don't do their own shopping — and even folks who don't eat eggs — have heard this news. Consumers have been forced to spend $5 or more for a dozen eggs, a price that's a whopping 250% higher than it was at the same time last year. The USDA blames the steep price hike on record high levels of avian flu, a disease that has killed millions of chickens and created a supply shortage. Members of Congress, however, suspect that price gouging is also at play and have issued letters in the last week demanding answers from the country's top egg suppliers. 

While many have mined the expensive egg situation for jokes (like memes of marriage proposals done with eggs instead of diamond rings), families are also desperately looking for signs of relief from these exorbitant prices. That's why in just one day, this Reddit post about someone finding eggs at Aldi for just $2.99 a dozen has received hundreds of up-votes. The caption reads, "First time I have seen the price decrease in a few months."

Don't wait to check your local Aldi for cheaper eggs

The Reddit user behind this frugal find posts in the thread that the low-cost Goldhen Large Eggs were spotted at an Aldi in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. A check of Aldi's website doesn't provide any insight on how long the lower price will be in effect; rather, it directs shoppers to check individual Aldi locations for prices. Even the weekly flyers for the Aldis in this Pennsylvania county have no information about an egg sale. 

As much as shoppers everywhere would like to see this as a sign that costs are stabilizing, it's also possible that it's just a fluke — a price the chain was able to secure thanks to their influence with suppliers. After all, it wasn't that long ago that some of the steepest egg prices around were spotted at Aldi stores. "My mother almost collapsed seeing this price lol," one Redditor posted in December. That price was $5.99 for a dozen eggs in a New York City Aldi. And just last month, another Reddit user shared that eggs at a Philadelphia Aldi cost $4.38, with other Redditors in Georgia, Minnesota, and Virginia commenting on similar prices in their states.

So just in case this price is short-lived, Aldi shoppers would be remiss not to check their stores for $2.99 eggs. Once you have them, make them last: uncooked whole or separated eggs can be frozen for up to one year.