The Internet Is Hilariously Making Fun Of The Outrageous Egg Prices

If you haven't been locked in a closet or had your head buried in the sand, you'll have noticed that egg prices are soaring. A convergence of unfortunate factors: supply chain problems, inflation, and a devastating avian flu outbreak (not to mention the natural slowdown in egg production during winter months, per Welcome Home Nature) have made eggs twice as expensive as they were a year ago (per Today). 

That's enough to make a grown-up cry. Or, in some cases, laugh until they cry. The silver lining of the egg shortage is that it's brought out people's funny bones all over the internet with absolutely hilarious results. People all over social media are finding a way to turn tragedy into comedy — and it's definitely improving the mood around this sad state of affairs. Here's a tour of some of the best and the brightest, lightening up the way for the many afflicted by the price hike (per The Chive). 

Every kiss begins with K....Kroger, that is

The egg price increase conveniently coincides with the time of year when romantic commercials abound, right in time for Valentine's Day. A number of commentators have turned this to their advantage, making the natural connection between expensive gifts and GIFS.  One person on Twitter posted an image of a man on one knee, proposing to his delighted sweetheart. What made her so happy to accept? He had a whole carton of eggs in his hand instead of the clichéd diamond (score!). 

Another user shot back with a jewelry box that's just been opened for the big reveal: a several-carat, light blue egg of the rarest type: totally flawless and uncracked, "He went to Kroger!" reads the caption (via Gizmodo).

Others have made use of the varied shortages of the past few years, and emerging cryptocurrencies. One meme shows forms of wealth, year by year. In the first image, a young man reclines against a sea of dollar bills in quaint 2019 fashion. In 2020, he is lying on paper towels. In 2021, he lies on his recession-proof stack of floorboards. But in 2023, he floats blissfully above a massive quantity of eggs, knowing his future is secure. Another family ups the ante by showing how they've secured their kids' futures: on the inside door of the fridge they've stockpiled a massive quantity of eggs. Clint Fiore's FB post reads "Decided to put a college fund together for the kiddos" (per Today).

Eggs are the new black (market)

Some jokes have highlighted the social awkwardness of those who find themselves unable to afford what was once a household staple. One meme shows a young man in the dairy aisle, staring longingly at a whole wall of eggs. Asked by a salesperson if he needs any help–did he want white or brown eggs?– he explains that he's "just looking." Another meme soberly reminds us of the consequences of naively bringing an egg carton to the checkout line, as a sign lights up to reveal to the world "CARD DECLINED" (via Today).

The egg shortage has erected a high wall between the haves and have-nots of our society, one that is easy to see by casting a quick glance around the supermarket. One meme shows the inevitable consequence of class snobbery: a photo featuring foppishly-dressed male shoppers is labeled "How people with eggs in their cart look at people with no eggs." As the men disdainfully look down their noses, the caption underneath reads, "Peasants" (via Gizmodo). But not everyone's a loser in this new society of have-eggs and have-nots. Some memes have hilariously highlighted the black market opportunities the egg shortage has offered to enterprising individuals, as well as the unfortunate temptations to thievery that it presents (via The Chive).

And of course, a few lucky farmers and their fowl are, presumably, making out like bandits.