You Can Eat One Of The Last Meals Served On The Titanic

Those who are willing to fork out a few hundred bucks can soon dine like a Titanic passenger. The dinner, of course, can't be a full recreation of all the meals the ocean liner offered. To say there was an abundance of food might be an understatement. The ship carried 125,000 pounds of meats including poultry, fish, ham, and sausage. It had tons of fruits and vegetables such as apples, oranges, potatoes, and asparagus, and breakfast items like coffee, tea, and bread. On top of that, the ship stored 40,000 eggs, 1,500 gallons of milk, 850 bottles of liquor, and tons more foods and beverages.

Expectedly, first-, second-, and third-class passengers ordered off of separate menus. Though not a complete account of the food served on the Titanic, third-class passengers enjoyed a breakfast of ham and eggs, oatmeal, and bread with butter, and later in the evening, they dined on roast beef, boiled potatoes, and biscuits (per House Beautiful). The menu for second-class passengers was a bit more luxurious; their extensive morning meal included fresh fish, mashed potatoes, and grilled sausage. For dinner, they chowed on curried chicken with rice, spring lamb, roast turkey, and plum pudding. Finally, the class with the best food was first, as the menu listed items like grilled mutton chops, fillet, salmon mayonnaise, and potted shrimp. This is the class for which dinner will be served to those who decide to attend a special upcoming event.

You can eat like a first-class passenger

A May 20, 2023 event will offer what was regarded as the best of the best food on the Titanic. Ticket holders will enjoy the same items first-class passengers dined on in the ship's final hours. Taking place at New York's Bannerman Castle, the event will include an 11-course meal accompanied by music that was played on the night of the ship's sinking. The menu will be created by the former director of The Chef's Consortium, Noah Sheetz, as well as four other esteemed area chefs. Along with dinner, guests will receive a teacup and saucer of the Veranda Cafes' likeness, and at the night's end, you'll enjoy a performance called "All About Titanic," which depicts scenes from the final evening.

According to History, the Titanic's final first-class dinner included a veal or cream of barley soup, Atlantic salmon with mousseline sauce, filet mignon Lili, roast duckling, beef sirloin with potatoes, and a few more options. For dessert, the ship's guests dined on Waldorf pudding, chocolate and vanilla éclairs, and peaches with chartreuse jelly.