The Classic Baked Brie Mistake To Avoid For The Most Cheesy Goodness

There has never been a cheese meant to be baked in the oven more than brie cheese. That's just a fact of life. Baked brie just sounds right, and it tastes oh so right too. Brie cheese can be made from either goat or cow's milk, and it is a creamy, mellow, rich cheese that spreads perfectly onto anything it comes in contact with. The cheese originates from Northern France, and the delicate rind encapsulating the cheese wheel is actually white mold (via Castello Cheese). While eating mold sounds disturbing initially, it's a natural, safe part of the aging cheese process. 

Baked brie can be prepared in dozens of ways. Depending on the toppings, the cheese can be made into a savory or sweet centerpiece for any cheese board. It can even be wrapped in flaky puff pastry to create a buttery-rich crust with each bite. When the brie is baked in the oven, it becomes a crazy hot, bubbling cheese that balloons up. The mess comes into play when someone inevitably makes a mad dash for the eagerly awaited piping hot cheese on the table. The cheese-loving guest makes an impressive cut into the cheese and piles their hidden treasure onto their cracker. 

But then, chaos unfolds. Suddenly the long-awaited baked brie is oozing all over the plate, with the hot, creamy cheese escaping to every corner. 

Let's take it from the top

The baked brie quickly goes from the stunning star of the table to the messy, cold, stiff cheese no one is fighting over. So how do you avoid this? The key is to cut from the top of the cheese, not the side. The best way to preserve the warm, melty cheese is to take a small knife and cut a circle around the top of the cheese (via BBC Good Food). Next, lift up the top of the rind, and voilá! You now have a perfectly contained baked brie bowl that is perfect for dipping in all night long. This is truly what dreams are made of.

Brie is a delightful vessel for so many different flavors. Next time you make a baked brie, try switching things up! Try a sweet version with brown sugar and peaches or a savory one with almonds, herbs, and bacon. There are no limits to the mouth-watering creations you can create with this ooey-gooey cheese. 

Just remember to not make the rookie mistake of cutting into the side, when you can easily preserve all of the cheesy goodness by dunking in the top.