Why You Should Never Cook Dairy In The Instant Pot

Instant Pots are incredibly versatile, and it's no surprise that their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. From side dishes to a main protein, there are endless Instant Pot recipes you can cook with this kitchen tool. and one mistake that people make with Instant Pots is not utilizing all its functions. For example, the appliance lets you sauté vegetables and can be used as a rice cooker. But despite their wide range of uses, there's one thing you should always avoid cooking in it.

If you're making a dairy-based dish or something with a cream sauce, skip the Instant Pot this time. Because of the heat, milk, sour cream, and cheese are very likely to curdle and lead to a ruined meal. Just like it's easy to burn milk on the stove, milk in this gadget is tricky to handle. That being said, if you need a bit of dairy to finish off your dish, you can add it in as the final step of the cooking process.

What does this mean for Instant Pot yogurt recipes?

Although you should avoid cooking dairy-based dishes in your Instant Pot, there is a major exception to the rule: Instant Pot yogurt. In this case, you'd want to follow a specific recipe for Instant Pot yogurt, and this is a great way to prepare a big batch of yogurt you can enjoy for breakfast throughout the week.

If you are expecting to make yogurt this way, it's worth investing in a product with a setting for the dish. While a recipe will walk you through the steps of making yogurt without the right setting, there are concerns about food safety if your appliance doesn't have a yogurt function. Maintaining the correct temperatures throughout the yogurt-making process is important so the right bacteria are killed while other bacteria grow.

Realizing that you don't have the right setting? We've rounded up the best Instant Pots of 2022, and you don't need to buy the most expensive one on the market to find one with a yogurt button. But even the top-rated Instant Pot won't cook dairy on other settings, so remember to stir in any milk products at the end.