The Best Steak Restaurants In The US, According To The Mashed Staff

Unlike many dishes, less is often more when it comes to cooking a perfect steak. It's been our experience that all it often takes to deliver a melt-in-your-mouth steak is some simple seasoning and a really hot grill or cast iron pan. And when it comes to restaurants that have mastered the art of the ribeye and perfected cooking a filet mignon, there's no shortage of great steakhouses in the United States. While New York and Los Angeles certainly have their fair share of iconic and reputable steakhouses, that doesn't mean restaurants in the Midwest and the South can't go toe-to-toe and deliver world-class steaks.

The Mashed staff came together to share, in our opinion, the best places to enjoy a steak dinner. These restaurants not only offer incredible cuts of meat and turn out delectable steaks, but offer a fantastic dining experience from start to finish. From the atmosphere to the appetizers, service, and of course the beef, here are our favorite steakhouses.

Marble Room Steaks & Raw Bar in Cleveland, Ohio - Alex Darus

Located in the heart of downtown Cleveland, Marble Room Steak and Raw Bar is one of the best places to get a steak at a restaurant, hands-down. The upscale restaurant is located in a restored bank building from the early 20th century. The atmosphere at Marble Room is everything. The setting is dramatic, with the massive stone columns that command the entire restaurant and secret dining tables hidden in old bank vaults. The staff moves through Marble Room like an ensemble, weaving through tables with plates of raw oysters and enticing full bellies with homemade cotton candy.

Marble Room's steak menu includes impressive cuts like dry-aged Delmonico or 42-ounce bone-in tomahawks, with the standard options like filet mignon, Waygu strip loin, and more nestled in. Marble Room also encourages its diners to customize their meal, particularly their impressive cuts of meat. The menu includes accompaniments like black truffle butter and peppercorn sauce. To make your plate even more over-the-top, the menu also encourages you to add items like foie gras or an 8-ounce lobster tail. It's the kind of special occasion restaurant you go to celebrate something and treat yourself, which is why you won't be disappointed with whatever steak you end up selecting. 

Northwestern Steakhouse in Mason City, Iowa - S.G. Howe

Midwesterners need to make room on their bucket list for this iconic steakhouse once known for slipping contraband beers up from the basement to customers during the Prohibition Era — and now known and recognized by the likes of Insider, Big 7 Travel, and Thrillest Magazine as one of the best places to enjoy a steak dinner in the area.

Many may see its home as a flyover state, but the steak at Northwestern Steakhouse in Mason City, Iowa is, in our opinion, reason enough to pay the Hawkeye State a visit. The antiquated brick storefront, which reads "Northwestern Steakhouse, Established 1920," may not emanate the same allure as swanky, big-city hotspots ... but don't be fooled. Behind this humble, quiet rejection of flair and flash, the most buttery, melt-in-your mouth beef awaits you. Northwestern was founded by two Greek immigrants, who brought with them a trove of authentic recipes from Greece. Most of those recipes are still used today — and the Greek seasoning on the steaks is so complex and delectable, we've never had anything like it.

As if the beef weren't enough, you'll fall in love with the incredible Greek-style spaghetti served alongside it. The secret sauce used on those noodles contains either magical powers or addictive substances or both. While Northwestern's location and even the name of the city in which the business resides may have changed, this restaurant is timeless — and that's from the mouths of the crowds that line the block on weekend nights.

Bern's Steak House in Tampa - Vanessa Wolf

Bern's has been serving up the finest steaks in the Tampa area since 1956 and in many ways, a meal at the iconic institution is like taking a trip in a time machine. Filled with red flocked wallpaper, rich mahogany details, and a notably retro vibe, Bern's atmosphere has been described as everything from "gothic" to "bordello-esque."

Along with boasting one of the largest privately-owned wine collections in the world and 200 offerings by the glass, the award-winning steaks are where it's at. Meat is cut to order and diners are provided with a comprehensive grid detailing the available cuts and their varying thicknesses, as well as options with respect to marbling and the amount of fat to be trimmed off (if any).

Unlike most steakhouses in which sides are offered a la carte, Bern's is truly old school in that everyone receives a fresh house salad, gloriously cheesy cup of French onion soup, and decadent loaded baked potato with their meal. However, diners can work some of those calories off after dinner with a tour of the wine cellar and kitchen, followed by relocation to the upstairs dessert room. There, you're quickly re-seated and offered options from the extensive, drool-able sweets menu.

Aesthetically awe-inspiring, endlessly appetizing, and surprisingly affordable, Bern's Steak House is one of the best options in Tampa, if not the whole of Florida. (Note that Bern's grandeur isn't exactly a secret and reservations are incredibly hard to come by, so plan at least two months in advance.)

Bastien's Restaurant in Denver - Maria Scinto

If you've ever wanted to dine like Don Draper, you're bound to love Bastien's restaurant. It may be one of Denver's best-kept secrets, hidden in plain sight on an unglamorous stretch of East Colfax Avenue, but the retro neon sign makes it pretty hard to miss. Once you step inside, you'll be transported back to the Atomic Age (minus the paranoia, regrettable social attitudes, etc.)

Bastien's opened in 1937, although the "new" building, which has the distinction of being the first Googie-style structure added to the National Register of Historic Places, wasn't built until 1959. Since that time, Bastien's décor hasn't changed too much, and therein lies its charm — it's the kind of place that was serving Moscow Mules back when they were an almost-forgotten Cold War relic and copper mugs could only be found in thrift stores.

Even if you're not a fan of mid-century modern architecture, Bastien's is well worth a visit for its signature sugar rubbed steaks. The sugar adds just the merest hint of sweetness, but gives the meat a phenomenal crust and an incredibly juicy interior. The only thing better than Bastien's original sugar steak is its Southwest sugar one that ups the ante with roasted green chiles. Amazingly enough, these sensational steaks come complete with potatoes, soup or salad, and sides at a price that's not much higher than that of a run-of-the-mill chain steakhouse.

NanaSteak in Durham, North Carolina - Matt Lardie

I'm a sucker for a good steakhouse meal, and luckily I've got NanaSteak just a couple of miles from my house in Durham, North Carolina. Fun fact — I was actually the very first customer NanaSteak served when they opened back in February of 2016. I remember sitting at the gorgeous bar, shellacked with tobacco leaves in a nod to our city's heritage, and cutting into one of the most perfectly cooked NY strip steaks I've ever had. I got up to use the bathroom and caught what seemed like the entire kitchen staff peering out at me from behind the pass.

To this day I still love to sit down at that bar and have a steak, Yukon Gold potato puree, and some braised collards with bacon. Aside from steaks they have a wonderfully varied menu of appetizers like Duck Confit Salad and Crispy Pork Ribs, entrees like Cavatelli with Red Wine Braised Beef Ragu and Seared Scottish Salmon, and a drinks list that is one of the best in Durham. Plus they are literally attached to the Durham Performing Arts Center, one of the biggest theaters in the nation, making them the perfect place to catch a meal before a Broadway show or grab a drink after a concert. NanaSteak takes those classic steakhouse vibes, injects them with a bit of Southern charm, and bumps the fancy level up a couple notches.

Five O'Clock Steakhouse in Milwaukee - Ceara Milligan

When it comes to cuisine, Milwaukee, Wisconsin is known for its abundance of breweries and cheese shops, but residents and visitors alike would be remiss if they skipped out on its numerous steakhouses. One of the most iconic family-owned eateries in Brew City has been around since 1946 and has attracted patrons from all walks of life over the years.

Five O'Clock Steakhouse, which is located just west of Marquette University's campus, has been ranked among Milwaukee's best steakhouses time and time again — and for good reason. The restaurant's cozy, retro atmosphere, friendly, professional service, and of course, impeccable food and drink menus are all reflections of its old school charm and commitment to an unforgettable meal.

The melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon, the luxurious bone-in ribeye will satisfy every type of steak lover. More of a seafood connoisseur? The lobster tail dinner, shrimp scampi, and Alaskan king crab legs are as succulent and fresh as crustacean dishes get in the Midwest. Pair your entrée with a glass of wine, a pint of beer, or a fancy cocktail for a complete culinary experience.

Fogo de Chao (various locations) - Crawford Smith

When you think of a buffet, it doesn't usually conjure up the image of an upscale experience. What comes to mind more often are the Golden Corrals and Pizza Ranches of the world — not restaurants that anyone would describe as fancy. That's why the Brazilian steakhouse chain Fogo de Chão is so special: It combines the excess and theatricality of an all-you-can-eat buffet with a luxurious atmosphere.

When you walk into Fogo de Chão, you're greeted with a scene that looks like any typical steakhouse: lots of leather, a big wine rack, grand chandeliers, etc. But then you notice that there are servers loosely dressed up like Brazilian cowboys (gauchos) running around with skewers of delectable grilled beef, carving it tableside for patrons who are wolfing down as much meat as they can stand. At Fogo de Chão you don't have to choose one cut of steak. You can sample as much as you want from all the cuts the restaurant offers, including unique Brazilian specialties like picanha (top sirloin) and fraldinha (bottom sirloin). There's even filet mignon in both bacon-wrapped and plain varieties. And it's all super high-quality meat that's perfectly cooked and seasoned. Fogo de Chão somehow manages to balance quantity and quality.

You'll find lots of people who sing the praises of this restaurant's salad bar, but don't get distracted. Fogo de Chão is a temple dedicated to eating obscene amounts of grilled beef, and anything else is just a mere distraction.

Mercado Buenos Aires in Los Angeles - Justina Huddleston

Mercado Buenos Aires has been operating in Los Angeles since 1989, and there's a reason why it's been able to stick around for more than 30 years, expanding to three locations in the San Fernando Valley. It's an Argentinian steakhouse serving up familiar cuts like rib eye, New York, and filet mignon, but it also serves specialty cuts like entraña gaucha (skirt steak with the skin on), and the menu has a special section for parillas, which are platters of sizzling meats served on a table top grill. These include different varieties of beef steak, homemade Argentinian chorizo, blood sausage, sweetbreads, and more.

Compared to many steakhouses (especially in Los Angeles), the prices at Mercado Buenos Aires are relatively affordable, and many of the signature parillas are meant to be shared. The restaurant even serves a tomahawk steak for two. For those who aren't in the mood for steak, it has plenty of other options on the menu, including sandwiches, fish, pasta, and milanesas (thinly pounded, breaded and fried meats). 

Mercado Buenos Aires even serves two varieties of vegan empanadas. How often do you see a tasty vegan option on a steakhouse menu? The appetizers, including queso fundido and provoleta a la parilla (grilled provolone cheese) aren't to be missed, especially with a side of fluffy bread and vibrant chimichurri sauce. And don't skip dessert — the Italian influence on Argentinian foods means that tiramisu and Italian meringue make an appearance on the menu, alongside traditional favorites like flan with dulce de leche.

Uncle Jack's Meat House in Duluth, Georgia - Rachel Welch

Meat and potatoes don't make up the majority of my diet as they might for many Americans, but there are very few things that I find quite as satisfying as an excellent steak. It's been my experience that the best steaks are almost always sourced from restaurants where that is their primary specialty, as is the case with Uncle Jack's Meat House in Duluth, Georgia. Born and raised in Georgia, I grew up visiting various steakhouse locations that were fine, or so I thought. Uncle Jack's Meat House brought the steak game to a whole new level that I had never previously encountered. The restaurant offers high-quality meat and massive portions of truly delectable steak, prepared with the utmost care.

My absolute favorite is the 14-ounce boneless ribeye with the espresso sauce — which for a coffee lover, is mouthwatering. I'm a firm believer that a steak should never exceed medium in temperature, and usually order mine medium rare. Occasionally, I'll deviate from the espresso and top my steak with the restaurant's creamy Cajun or porcini sauce, but usually, I just steal a bite from my partner's plate for a taste of everything else.

I highly recommend starting the meal with the applewood smoked bacon appetizer to really begin with success. The bacon comes out with a chipotle maple glaze and peanut butter dipping sauce that brings it all together, beautifully. For a pro tip, pairing the entree with an iceberg wedge salad and a side of roasted mushrooms creates utter perfection.