The Internet Still Doesn't Quite Know What Coca-Cola Move Tastes Like

Every so often, a food or beverage brand goes viral for releasing a mystery flavor of one of its products — gripping snack enthusiasts worldwide as we collectively try to figure out what is tripping up our taste-buds. One notable example last year was Mountain Dew, which released a Halloween-themed mystery drink that after months of speculation, was eventually revealed to be sour candy flavored. Over in the UK, confectionary brand Cadbury also joined in on the trend, with their mystery bars accumulating over 7.8M views on TikTok as thousands of chocolate enthusiasts failed to guess the uniquely British flavors of blue raspberry slushie, and rhubarb, and custard.

Sometimes new flavors aren't intended to be guessing games, but they are so abstract, we can't put our finger on how to describe them. Think, for example, of the age-old question of "just exactly what does Dr Pepper taste like?" — a query so prolific, it was once even parodied on "South Park." The latest mysterious beverage comes from none other than Coca-Cola, who has partnered with Grammy award-winning singer Rosalía to create a confounding concoction that fans can't quite figure out, and it might just give Dr Pepper a run for its money.

What is Coca-Cola Move?

Coca-Cola Move is the latest in the brand's Creations series — a line of sodas characterized by the moods that they evoke, rather than their flavor. According to The Takeout, Coca-Cola describes the new soda as follows: "Together, Coca-Cola® and Rosalía have set out to capture the spirit of change and movement through their new collaboration, offering fans a taste inspired by transformation. Its unique taste pushes the limits more than any other Creations drop to date — as fans sip the new drink, a familiar Coke taste they know and love will evolve in a surprising way."

With such a deliberately vague description, it's no wonder that Coke lovers have been flocking to grocery stores to try the product for themselves, and post their theories online. And seeing as Move is a limited edition product, there's only so much time to get involved with the discussion before it disappears from shelves forever.

What does it taste like?

According to TikTok, where the phrase "Coca-cola limited edition move" has over 522K views, popular guesses include strawberry, vanilla, cream soda, cherry, and cotton candy ."It honestly tastes like macaroons to me," said one TikTok user. "It's like coconut, caramel macaroons." Other guesses across the internet include coconut, popcorn, rosé, and most unusually, sun tan lotion. "Tastes like sun tanning lotion. It's gross," commented a Reddit user, who, unlike most others, was evidently not a fan of the drink. "Happy I'm not the only one," another commenter agreed. "It just tastes like the smell of sun tan lotion at the beach. Such an odd flavor."

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to know whose hypothesis is correct. The brand lists the soda's ingredients on its website as simply "carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color, natural flavors, phosphoric acid, caffeine," choosing to keep any more specific details under wraps, for now at least. Whether the truth behind this mysterious, divisive beverage will ever bubble to the surface, remains unknown.