Coca-Cola's Next Limited Edition Flavor Reportedly Tastes Like Rosé

Anyone who's a true Coca-Cola fan will tell you that the soda's flavor is what keeps them coming back for more. While Coke's exact flavor is a highly coveted industry secret, we know that the brand takes it's flavor extremely seriously. That's why it was so exciting when the company announced in February 2022 that it would be releasing a line of limited-edition Coke products called Coca-Cola Creations. The product line was designed to showcase Coca-Cola's collaborations with a number of popular music artists, all featuring innovative new flavors. 

Recently, Coke announced that Spanish singer and flamenco dancer Rosalía would be the latest artist to join the Creations family, with a new beverage entitled Coca-Cola Move. While Coca-Cola was tight lipped about what the new flavor would actually taste like, one food blogger on Instagram claims to have an insider connection who dished on the flavor profile. Let's just say, if you're an avid Coca-Cola drinker, the saying "rosé all day" could hold a new meaning.

Fans around the world weigh in on Coca-Cola Move

While a rosé-inspired Coke sounds like a dream for any wine lover, some people on Instagram pointed out that Coca-Cola's new Move flavor actually tasted more like coconut than wine. One person said that it tasted like another Coca-Cola Creations flavor, but with a tropical twist: "Tastes like the Coke Starlight did but with some coconut flavor. Like a caramel, vanilla, coconut combo." 

Even though Coca-Cola Move won't be officially released in the US until February 20, it appears that the drink has already been rolled out in foreign markets, as international users on Reddit have posted reviews about the drink's flavor. One person agreed on the hints of vanilla and coconut, with an aroma reminiscent of floral scented bath products. The user also commented that Move tasted extremely sweet. In contrast, another person said that the taste was closer to that of buttered popcorn. In short time, you'll be able to make your own call on Coca-Cola's new flavor.