Mythical Kitchen's Homemade Mac And Cheese Is Hilariously Delicious

Comforting, filling, and above all, overflowing with creamy cheese, an ample serving of mac and cheese never fails to really hit the spot. It's become a side dish staple of classic American holidays like the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, and can be made in a variety of equally delicious ways. At-home cooks love a good homestyle mac and cheese recipe for its simplicity and versatility, especially when there are loads of helpful tricks out there to help you make it the creamiest it can be. Josh Scherer, also known as the "Mythical Chef" behind Mythical Kitchen on YouTube, has a few mac and cheese secrets of his own that aren't average by any means.

We love that with each of these pointers, not only does Scherer thoroughly explain how and why it works so well, his overall goofiness just makes him a joy to follow along with. In the info-packed TikTok video, he gives viewers his top five cooking suggestions, first addressing cheese prep. Instead of reaching for that Costco-sized bag of pre-shredded cheese from your fridge, you'll want to shred your own cheese. Scherer explains that pre-shredded cheese is coated in cellulose, and though it's safe to eat in small portions, it will make your cheese gummy instead of oozy. While you're at it, "use a processed cheese like Velveeta or Kraft American singles" so the sodium citrate can chemically transform your sauce into silky bliss. But the magic doesn't stop there.

Use evaporated milk and undercook your mac and cheese

Many swear that using whole milk is the best option when you're trying to achieve peak creaminess in your cheesy mac. But what if we told you there was an even better way to get the job done? For his third tip, Mythical Kitchen's Josh Scherer unveils the true greatness of using evaporated milk instead of milk. It has less water content than milk, more protein, and less fat, all while maintaining that sought-after, luscious thickness that the "Mythical Chef" jokingly likens to himself. It seems the mac isn't the only thing that's cheesy here, but then again, every kitchen needs a bit of lighthearted tomfoolery in it for home cooking to be more fun than it is tedious.

Next, he dives into the actual cooking process itself, so be careful not to overcook those noodles! He advises cooking them just under al dente, followed by a quick dunk in cold water to arrest the cooking process. "That way, they can finish the cook while absorbing the cheese sauce," Scherer adds, which leads into his final tip. Add that perfectly cooked pasta to your cheese sauce while it isn't on the heat, which minimizes the chance of undoing the dairy's thickness you worked so hard to create. This chef really knows his mac and cheese inside and out, right down to the unique chemical reactions that make all the magic happen. Now, go forth and follow your most luscious cheese-filled dreams.