TikTok's DIY Coca-Cola Spaghetti Isn't Everyone's Cup Of Tea

Spaghetti is such a versatile dish, offering countless options to use it as the foundation for different meals. You can eat it plain with marinara sauce and a little sprinkle of parmesan; you can top it with proteins such as meatballs or sausage; or you can go the chicken parm route. If you prefer a meatless approach, you can mix it up with peppers, mushrooms, and olives.

And while marinara may be the one that immediately comes to mind when we think of pasta sauces, it is far from the only choice available. There is Alfredo, bolognese, pomodoro, pesto, and myriad other alternatives for saucing up noodles. Of course, in this age of social media influencers, someone is always going to present an outside-the-box idea or approach to making a favorite meal — it's how they draw eyeballs to their accounts. The name of the game is eliciting a reaction, whether good or bad. And drawing a reaction is exactly what one TikTok user did when they posted a video of themselves preparing Coca-Cola spaghetti.

'Make it not real'

TikTok video depicts none other than Nadia Caterina Munna, aka "The Pasta Queen," the popular cook and author, reacting to a person who has shared their own video of a recipe for Coca-Cola spaghetti. She gasps in horror as the individual adds an entire bottle of Coke to her spaghetti concoction. "It looks like radioactive colors!" she exclaims. The experimental dish ends with a little dash of parmesan and parsley, causing The Pasta Queen to recoil in disgust.


Coca Cola Spaghetti?? I probably shouldn’t have posted this. But someone had to #italiansreact

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Commenters also expressed their revulsion, with one person stating, "that can't possibly be edible." Another TikToker played off of The Pasta Queen's radioactive remark, quipping, "Coca-Cola being cooked can end in only one thing: toxic waste." Others jokingly floated suggestions for future culinary creations based on the same theme, like "Red Bull ricotta fettuccine." Then there was the contributor who was just glad it didn't call for another brand name soda. "At least she didn't use Mountain Dew." Code Red carbonara, anyone?