We Finally Know Why Proteins Never Get Repeated On Tournament Of Champions

The internet is teeming with conspiracy theories about pretty much everything, and the netizens have a few about Food Network's "Tournament of Champions." Some are convinced that the competition is rigged. "Love the show. I honestly think that they pre-picked the winner with the intent of giving her a show of her own, though," one Redditor wrote about Brooke Williamson after she won the competition in 2020.

And then there are those who think the randomizer isn't random at all. "I LOVE this show. But idk it seems like competitors get exactly what they say they don't want a little too consistently. And they never show the randomizer spins in a single shot, there are always cuts," one Redditor shared their observation.

Another thing that baffles some viewers is that proteins never get repeated, not even once in the show's history. Host Guy Fieri is well aware of how fans have been scratching their heads over the dreaded randomizer's seemingly not-so-random ways, and he's here to put all rumors to rest.

The Tournament of Champions randomizer is truly random

Although it may sometimes seem like the randomizer has some personal grudge against all the "Tournament of Champions" contestants as they seem to get exactly what they don't want, host Guy Fieri wants the fans to know that there is nothing fishy about the way it operates.

In a Twitter video, Fieri showed fans around the set of the show and explained how the production team puts it all together. First, he explained how the randomizer really works. The $50,000 machine is built in such a way that when pressure is applied to spin it, every section spins at the same rate. Answering the burning question of why the items never get repeated, Fieri said, "If somebody lands on tofu in one of the competitions, tofu will be removed off the protein list just to make sure that we give the chefs the best competition they can have and keep the guests entertained because nobody wants to watch tofu cooked two rounds in a row."

The camera also panned towards the kitchen as Fieri explained how it is well-stocked with every ingredient the chefs might need to cook anything they have to. The team takes meticulous care to ensure that the fresh produce stays fresh and maintains multiple refrigerators for optimum quality. Sounds like a lot of work, but we now have a good idea of how Food Network produces one of its most entertaining cooking shows.