Tournament Of Champions: What You Need To Know About Guy Fieri's New Show

Guy Fieri is living the celebrity chef dream. With restaurants ranging from barbecue to burritos in 20 cities throughout the world, a sizable cruise ship presence, dozens of television appearances, numerous television shows of his own, and a wild haircut only Guy could pull off, why not add another bullet point to his impressive resume? (via Eater and TV Guide).

Well, Guy is doing just that. He's decided to host a new show, Tournament of Champions. The name says it all. Guy collected 16 of the nation's top chefs and now is putting them in the kitchen to battle head-to-head in a tournament not unlike something you would watch at the Roman Colosseum back in 80 A.D., but with food as the weapon.

Guy Fieri takes the meaning of a tournament to a new level

Guy Fieri has selected eight contestants from the east coast and eight from the west who will battle in out in a bracket-style tournament, where each contestant is given a seed number. The group is a well-thought-out blend of familiar faces and undiscovered talent, so viewers will get a chance to become fans of new chefs. 

If the show doesn't already sound interesting, Guy opted to add two additional variables to the battle. The challenges are assigned before each battle via a slot-machine style randomizer to reveal to chefs the dicey food elements they need to work with. The wheel is the deciding factor when it comes to the amount of time and the style the food should be cooked.

The culmination of the wheel adds up to a totally random list of requirements and an abundance of stress for the chefs. Food challenge shows are often pretty intense, but this is teetering on barbaric, which makes it all the more entertaining. Additionally — yes, somehow it gets more extreme — the judges are blindfolded while they referee the food in order to conduct a completely unbiased evaluation of each dish (via Food Network). The first episode aired March 4, and was entirely captivating. Get your T.V. snack stockpile ready, because episode two airs March 11, and it won't be one to miss.