Taco Bell Customers Started A Fight Over A Crunchwrap Supreme

Whether you go to the coffee shop only to discover Starbucks might be out of peppermint syrup or you're craving a McFlurry only to be told the McDonald's ice cream machine is broken again, we've all felt let down when our favorite fast food isn't available. And we've probably all received an incorrect order on occasion — servers are only human after all. But while most of us simmer down and simply order something else or head to another restaurant — some customers take it too far, and things can occasionally get ugly.

Verbal abuse by an ungrateful Chipotle Karen and a terrifying reaction from a Burger King customer who pointed a gun at an employee's head after they accidentally mixed up her drink order are some extreme examples. It seems the latest fast-food outlet to go viral for a disproportionate customer reaction is Taco Bell, where a fight escalated into violence on both sides when the restaurant ran out of one of its most popular items — the Crunchwrap Supreme.

What happened in the brawl?

Twitter user posted a viral video of the fight with the caption, "Taco Bell employee snaps after getting hit by female customers because they ran out of Crunchwrap Supremes..." In the video, Taco Bell customers can be seen hitting an employee, who retaliated by pushing and shoving them back. Other restaurant-goers then got involved, shouting expletives and yelling about not wanting to be pushed before the incident devolved into an all-out brawl with punches thrown on both sides.

The post has since accumulated over 4 million views, 55,000 likes, and thousands of retweets and comments. One person commented, "What's in the food?" while another added, "How DARE he present me with the consequences of my actions." Most commenters seemed to be on the side of the employees, with one user saying, "Leave these freaking employees alone. I don't care what they say. They are working. Shut up and take the fast food. You're not a 4-star. Loser family." All of this commotion was over the purported lack of the popular menu item.

This isn't the first time violence has broken out between employees and customers at a Taco Bell. According to Mirror, police got involved in an incident that took place at the Swansea, Wales location where an employee was filmed body-slamming a customer to the ground after being subjected to verbal aggression.