Wine Glass Pasta Is A Little Odd And Probably Unnecessary

In a controversial TikTok post, La Sicilia, an Italian restaurant in Deinze, Belgium, showed off its unique way of serving pasta. In a bid to elevate the dining experience for guests, the restaurant serves pasta to the customer in a wine glass. When delivered to the table, the server lifts the glass from its upside-down position to allow the pasta and sauce to slide out onto the plate. Finally, the pasta is topped with grated cheese from the base of the glass. While this is certainly not a traditional way of serving pasta, it has gotten the attention of the Internet, amassing more than 20 million views on the restaurant's account.

The traditional way of plating pasta is to add it to a sauce and toss everything together in a large bowl, which allows the sauce to coat the pasta evenly.  So, is this viral TikTok craze worth the hype, or is it just an unnecessary gimmick?

The Internet had a lot of opinions about wine glass pasta

La Sicilia's video was shared on various social media platforms, but on the restaurant's TikTok account alone, it garnered 26,300 comments at the time of writing. One user stated, "just because you could, doesn't mean you should." Twitter user @emsyreed said, "the amount of sauce now stuck in that glass and not on the pasta is heartbreaking." Another Twitter user, @proyearner, shared the video with the caption, "this was so unnecessary im crying."

@restaurantlasicilia ♬ origineel geluid – La Sicilia

While the presentation may be unique, most people who commented viewed the gimmick as highly unnecessary. Some may argue that using unconventional serving methods adds a touch of creativity and fun to mealtime. However, it is wise to consider practicality before attempting such ideas. For example, it may be tempting to use extra tableware for presentation purposes, but in reality, this creates unnecessary dishes to wash at the end of each meal. Additionally, transferring pasta from a pan in the kitchen to the glass for transportation before it reaches the customer's plate could cause it to lose heat, resulting in a less enjoyable dining experience.

Ultimately, it is up to individual preferences and judgment whether to try such serving techniques. At home, it could be a fun way to impress guests as a special dinner party entrée. We suggest considering the pros and cons of serving this dish, especially if you don't feel like doing the extra washing up.