The Reason People Mix Whiskey With Pickle Juice

Have you ever been out for a night on the town and overheard the person next to you ordering a bizarre drink? A duck fart shot or pink panty dropper punch sounds like something out of a Comedy Central skit. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned beer? However, strange drinks with unusual pairings can be downright adventurous and surprisingly delicious too!

But it's not just cocktails and mixed drinks that can be zany and unorthodox: Shots can be quite unusual too! Sure, a hit of tequila with lime is a tried-and-true method for throwing back a shot of liquor. Or perhaps you prefer vodka with lemonade or orange juice. If you're taking a shot of whiskey, a classic Coke will wash it down just fine. But have you ever tried using pickle juice to chase your whiskey?

It may sound strange, but don't knock it till you've tried it! There's a good reason why people order pickle juice to chase their whiskey, and you might be glad you did too.

Pickle juice eases the sting of a whiskey shot

Whiskey shots are a cowboy's cure for a long day in the saddle: All you need is a fifth of Jack Daniel's and some boots to match! Whiskey's unique flavor is born from a robust combination of spice, oakwood, vanilla, and caramel. But no matter how tasty those individual flavors may be, a shot of whiskey isn't exactly the same as enjoying a caramel-drizzled, spiced-vanilla dessert. Shooting whiskey can be painful, and a chaser is recommended for someone with a sensitive stomach.

Using pickle juice to chase whiskey is a surefire way to cut through the sting of the liquor. Since pickle brine is salty, it offsets the intense burn of whiskey and helps it go down smoother. Whiskey without the burn? We'll take another round.

When you're drinking, your body loses a lot of electrolytes due to dehydration. Luckily for fans of the pickleback, pickle juice is rich in electrolytes which can help prevent a nasty hangover the next day. Pickle juice is also high in vitamins C and E, which help protect your immune system, and you're unlikely to get these benefits from shooting whiskey straight.

While pickle juice might sound like a mixology faux pas, it's a great way to enjoy a smooth shot while also feeding your body with healthy nutrients you might not get otherwise. As always, make sure you drink responsibly!