Yes, Breakfast Instant Ramen Is Now A Thing

When Cup Noodles first unveiled Pumpkin Spice-flavored noodles – a combination that Nissin itself admits is a flavor that teeters on and nearly crosses a "line between genius and insanity" — some consumers likely thought it was just too much. Even for fans of brothy noodles, pumpkin spice flavor, or both, adding sweet pie and cookie spices to a salty, savory soup was enough to boggle the mind. 

It turns out that Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles was just a warm-up. In March 2023, Nissin announced a startling limited-edition flavor (via Cision PR Newswire). This release features flavors that will be great news for anyone who craves a big, homestyle diner breakfast but has a busy morning schedule that allows only enough time for breakfast to be made via a three-minute blast in the microwave. That's right: Cup Noodles Breakfast is here. In a Tweet featuring a video of roosters squawking, "Cock-a-noodle-do!!!" Cup Noodles shared that its breakfast noodles feature classic flavors of sausage, eggs, and pancakes drenched in maple syrup. 

Cup Noodles is owning all the Twitter feedback

The response from Twitter users to the news of breakfast-themed instant ramen has been an expected assortment of shock, nervous anticipation, and laughter — and Cup Noodles had the perfect GIF for each one ready to go. Twitter user @TwinzPlay commented, "I need to go find this, like right now!" and Cup Noodles responded with a Doc Brown GIF from "Back to the Future" saying, "Ready." User @dah19_ commented with a GIF from "The Office" of Dwight demanding, "What is going on?" Proving there's a scene from "The Office" for just about every life moment, Cup Noodles fired back with a gif of Michael telling Dwight, "You will have pancakes, and you'll like it." 

The new Cup Noodles Breakfast flavor is a limited release and can be found in select Walmart stores in the United States. Twitter user @WHOtheFisJC expressed concerns about the breakfast flavor not being in stock at their local Walmart stores. And, of course, Cup Noodles had the perfect GIF response: a scene from "Wayne's World" with the caption, "Road Trip!"