Cup Noodles Is Officially Bringing Back Its Controversial Fall Flavor

As the nights begin to grow longer and cooler, and the valleys and hills turn into a canvas of crimson, purple, and amber, you may start to feel Autumn in the air. And just as summer brings us barbeque sauce and hamburgers, the Fall brings the usual dishes of pumpkin spice and noodle soup. After all, what signifies the Fall season more than a fresh slice of pumpkin pie? Perhaps Cup Noodle's returning fall flavor seeks to combine these two beloved fall dishes into one unique flavor that will surely get any pumpkin spice addict talking.

According to an August 4 tweet, Cup Noodles' infamous fall flavor "Pumpkin Spice" has made its annual "return from the dead." Per Food & Wine, this particular flavor of instant ramen noodles came around back in 2021, advertised as being "sweet, savory and spiced" — something that was pretty bold for a product usually known for being chicken flavored. Rather than have an included pumpkin spice packet, you're supposed to cook the noodles in a special sauce that will imbibe them with that trademark sweet pumpkin flavor. 

But is Cup Noodles just messing with everyone, trying to make a joke about America's obsession with pumpkin spice? Or are these unconventional noodles actually something worth trying?

Are Pumpkin Spice noodles actually any good?

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Pumpkin Spice noodles? Of course, it's a joke! They're probably not meant to taste good." Of course, it's possible that this flavor is just a fun novelty purchase for fans of pumpkin spice. But it would seem, however, that there may be something to at least trying these noodles.

The Takeout's review of Pumpkin Spice Noodles tells us that eating the noodles was a bizarre experience. It wasn't a terrible experience, but it wasn't a particularly good one. The flavors of pumpkin seemed to have notes of licorice, mixed with the afternotes of onion, garlic, and brown sugar. The result was an "earthy" taste that had hints of warm sweetness spread throughout. A meal that probably wouldn't be eaten again, but a very interesting and diverse flavor profile.

The Impulsive Buy's review of the noodles is a bit more open-minded towards trying it again. There is the usual realization that the combination of pumpkin spice and savory ramen spices may be off-putting at first, but the review gave it a rather positive score of seven out of 10. In fact, the review even included the cooking suggestion of adding whipped cream on top of the noodles, with the result being surprisingly satisfying. 

While it boils down to personal taste whether you enjoy or dislike Pumpkin Spice Noodles, it's certainly not the first time weird flavors of ramen have hit the market.