Is Dunkin Donuts Open On Easter Sunday 2023?

There are a lot of fun activities that take place on Easter, but the fact of the matter is that for most people, the holiday involves getting up pretty early in the morning. But what makes it easier to stock the yard with an array of candy-filled Easter eggs, or to stay awake during a long sermon at church, than a giant iced coffee or Box O' Joe for the whole family from Dunkin'? On any non-holiday, an early morning Dunkin' run to kick off a fun-filled day of family activities is a no-brainer, but Easter is a holiday. So is Dunkin' even going to be open on Easter Sunday?

That depends. Many Dunkin' locations are closed or have reduced hours on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. But on Easter, Dunkin' is usually open. That can vary, however, depending on what location you usually go to. That's because unlike Starbucks, which owns 59 percent of its stores and licenses the other 41 percent, Dunkin' is 100 percent franchised (via Franchise Business Review). That means locations have the ability to decide whether to remain open on Easter Sunday or not. The best way to determine if the Dunkin' closest to you will be open on Easter Sunday, so you can fuel up with caffeine and a sweet donut appetizer to prepare your body for the long and candy-filled day ahead, is to call the store directly. You can look up its information using the Dunkin' location finder.

Sweet treats await

If the Dunkin' nearest to you is going to be open on Easter, there are a lot of treats in store on its spring menu. If you're looking for a classic Easter treat, they're serving up seasonal Carrot Cake Muffins that are made with shredded carrots (Easter bunny-approved), raisins, crystallized ginger, and cream cheese icing. For drinks, you're looking at all of the usuals, along with the seasonal Caramel Chocolate Cold Brew. And is it just us, or do Munchkins look like the perfect size to fit inside one of those plastic Easter eggs?

In the past, Dunkin' has celebrated by serving up Easter egg-shaped donuts and iced coffee-flavored jelly beans, but if you don't have a Dunkin' near you, or if the location closest to you is closed on Easter Sunday, you're not out of luck. Dunkin' coffee pods make it easy to churn out a hot cup of java before your Easter egg hunt begins, and Mashed also has copycat Dunkin' iced coffee, copycat Dunkin' hash browns, and copycat Dunkin' chocolate glazed donut recipes that you can try at home.