Mashed's Exclusive Survey Uncovered Coffee Lovers' Go-To Brand For Coffee Pods

Humans have evolved immensely in the ways that we brew our coffee at home, Perfect Daily Grind reported. From the early drip methods to the reliable moka pot and the French press, there are as many methods for preparing your morning cup as there are types of coffees out there. The fastest, most convenient route to a piping hot mug of your favorite caffeinated beverage is the single-cup brewing machine, according to The Washington Post.

This brewing method, popularized by Keurig in the 1990s per The Seattle Times, has changed the way many people make their coffee at home and in the office. It's easy to see why these machines took off in kitchens across the United States and Europe. Simply fill the machine with water, select a pod, and press a button. The machine transforms coffee from bean to brew in less than a minute.

While Consumer Reports pointed out that Keurig is still one of the top brands when it comes to machines that make coffee from a pod, there are an infinite number of coffee varieties to choose from for your single-cup brew. A Mashed exclusive survey revealed which brand coffee enthusiasts love the most.

Industry giant Starbucks earns most popular coffee pod title

If you've ever stood in the coffee aisle at your local market, gandering at the single-cup options and debating which one to select, you're likely not alone. The options for this type of brew are vast. In a Mashed exclusive survey, coffee lovers revealed which brand is their favorite for coffee at the touch of a button, and the winner is a recognizable name in the coffee industry.

Starbucks took first place in the survey, earning 29.04% of the 582 total votes. Starbucks produces more than 12 varieties of coffee in pods. Dunkin' took 20.96% of the votes, earning it second place. This fan favorite makes 18 different coffee pod options, per the Dunkin' website.

Other brands that received a nod were The Original Donut Shop, which came in third place, Green Mountain, which took fourth, followed by Nespresso and McCafe.