Jäger Bomb Shot Recipe

The Jäger bomb shot is a college favorite that actually tastes pretty darn good, despite its reputation and violent-sounding name. Jäger bombs are a popular shot that combines the flavors of Jägermeister, a popular German digestif, with the energy-boosting effects of an energy drink, usually Red Bull. This potent and flavorful shot is a favorite at parties and bars, and is often consumed as a quick pick-me-up to get the night started.

But according to food Blogger Ksenia Prints of At the Immigrant's Table, the Jäger bomb comes with its fair share of controversy. Alcoholic drinks combined with energy drinks are considered more dangerous than other drinks because they fool the drinker into consuming more alcohol. One study even found that 67 Jäger bomb shots are enough to kill a grown human. Does this mean you shouldn't drink Jäger bombs? Not necessarily. When drunk in moderation, Jäger bomb shots are no more dangerous than any energy drink consumed on its own. Make yourself a Jäger Bomb shot, and relive the fun of your youth — responsibly and in moderation.

Gather the ingredients for the Jäger bomb shot

Making a Jäger bomb only requires 2 ingredients: Jägermeister, and your favorite energy drink. Jägermeister is a popular German herbal liqueur that has a strong, unique flavor. We love Red Bull for the most traditional flavor, but you can try different brands and see which combination you like best.

Assemble the drink

To start making this drink, grab a shot glass, and carefully pour the Jägermeister into the shot glass. You should pour just enough to fill the shot glass completely without overflowing.

The energy drink portion of this shot is usually served in a pint glass, but of course, you can use any large highball glass. Pour half of the can of Red Bull into the pint glass.

Drop the shot

Now here comes the money shot, and the best part of making a Jäger bomb. Take the shot glass filled with Jägermeister and carefully position it over the pint glass containing the Red Bull. Hold the shot glass with one hand and the pint glass with the other hand, and carefully drop the shot glass into the pint glass. As the shot glass drops, it will create a splash and the Jägermeister will mix with the Red Bull in the pint glass. 

Alternative presentation

Alternatively, simply pour the shot of Jägermeister directly into the glass with the Red Bull. Once you have added the Jägermeister to the Red Bull, the mixture will start to fizz and create a frothy head. This reaction is caused by the carbonation in the Red Bull and the herbal flavors in the Jägermeister. It is important to stir the mixture gently to ensure that the 2 ingredients are fully mixed. It may taste slightly different this way, but you won't risk having a broken glass on your hands.

Serve the Jäger bomb shot

Normally, you would serve the Jäger bomb shot in 2 parts: the energy drink in one glass, and the shot glass with Jägermeister in another. Once the shot glass is fully submerged in the Red Bull, instruct your guests to quickly drink the contents in one go. However you serve it, the Jäger bomb is a fun and delicious drink that tastes suspiciously like candy. Drink it immediately upon serving, and enjoy.

Jäger Bomb Shot Recipe
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Relive the joys of college bars and late-night drinks with this easy and fun Jäger bomb shot recipe.
Prep Time
Cook Time
brown shot in glass
Total time: 5 minutes
  • 2 oz Jägermeister liqueur
  • 8.4-ounces Red Bull energy drink
  1. Fill a shot glass with Jägermeister.
  2. Then, pour half a can of Red Bull into a larger pint glass.
  3. Drop the shot glass into the taller glass, and drink. Alternatively, you can also pour the Jägermeister directly into the glass with the Red Bull. Drink immediately.
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