GBBO Icon Nadiya Hussain's New BBC Series Highlights Bangladeshi Spices

"Great British Bake Off" winner Nadiya Hussain has announced a new cooking show set to air on the BBC. The Season 6 champion, who already has a staggering 10 television shows and 17 books under her belt, will get back to her roots with this new series, titled "Nadiya's Simple Spices."

The show will tie the spices of Bangladesh, where Hussain grew up, with the flavors and dishes of her adopted homeland of Great Britain. The show appears to be based on the forthcoming cookbook of the same name, set to be released in Britain this coming September. In the cookbook, and on the show, Hussain transforms British ingredients using eight spices that she grew up watching her mother and grandmother cook with, and that she herself leans on heavily to this day.

Those spices, now readily available in supermarkets across both Britain and the United States, are cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, chili, bay leaves, and curry powder. In each episode of the show, Hussain will demonstrate four different recipes that use some combination of those eight spices.

Hussain's rise to stardom

Hussain skyrocketed to fame after her GBBO win. A stay-at-home mom who worked toward a degree in social work at night, Hussain loved to bake for her family. After applying to, and then winning, GBBO, Hussain quickly became a media favorite, not only starring in her own cooking shows and writing a slew of cookbooks, but also hosting cooking competitions like "The Big Family Cooking Showdown" and culinary travel shows like "Nadiya's American Adventure."

Her recipes often reflect the busy life of working parents who want to do more than just order takeout (takeaway for our friends across the pond) or serve another bowl of buttered noodles. They are often quick and easy while being packed with flavor. Along the way, she's also devised a bunch of clever tips and tricks for the home cook, like her foolproof formula for crunchy potatoes or her method forĀ making an easy Yorkshire pudding batter.

This new show, though, sees Hussain getĀ back to her own childhood favorites with the combination of Bangladeshi and British flavors. The series is scheduled for BBC Two and its iPlayer streaming service later this year. No word on whether the show has plans to air in the United States yet, but in the past her shows have been carried on Netflix, so fans may be able to catch Hussain there.