The Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Burrito That's Spreading Sadness

Stop everything because we think we've possibly found the world's saddest burrito. It might sound like a surprising claim, seeing as burritos are usually pockets of pure joy, indulgence, and gooey melty goodness, but sometimes, as was the case with the sad Dunkin' grilled cheese and a pitiful Pizza Hut pizza, fast-food orders don't go to plan. It's perhaps no surprise that the burrito in question hailed from Taco Bell. The chain has faced some scandals in the past, whether it's running out of crunchwrap supremes, removing long-standing fan-favorite menu items, or using meat that may not be 100 percent beef.

The terrible burrito was posted to a popular favorite discussion hub, Reddit, by user u/truOG under the title "My Grilled Cheese Burrito." In hindsight, we think this was far too simple and understated a description of the awful horrors that lay hidden just beneath the wrapper.

What does it look like?

My Grilled Cheese Burrito
u/truOG in

To be honest, it's quite difficult to describe what's going on here. The burrito itself appears to have been severed in two, with the main body on one side and some of the sour cream, beef, and contents stuck to the brown paper. The bulk of the burrito looks pale and uncooked, suggesting that it wasn't grilled properly and hadn't achieved the signature grilled cheese burrito char that the poster was looking for. 

Commenters were unimpressed with the excuse for a burrito, though some also appreciated the humor of the situation and offered their sympathy. One person commented on just how sad this burrito looked. Another person posted a comment that might haunt us forever, saying that the burrito looked like a roll of soggy toilet paper. Others tried to decipher the reason for the burrito's failure to grill properly. 

One user suggested that the preparer may have run out of brown grill paper and grilled it on a regular burrito wrapper instead. If that's true, we hope Taco Bell gets a handle on its cooking methods pretty soon; otherwise, we might be so miserable that we head to Chipotle instead.