Adding Mustard To Grilled Cheese Is A Chef's Kiss Vibe

Making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is no small feat. Sure, you can just slap some cheese onto two pieces of white bread and call it a day, but the humble grilled cheese sandwich can be easily elevated with few ingredients. There are some debates regarding the best cheeses and the best bread to use for the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. The type of cheese used really depends on personal preference, but cheeses like American and Fontina yield a particularly cheesy bite. There are also several different ways of obtaining that perfect crispy crunch on the outside of the grilled cheese. 

While some people like to use butter on the outside of the bread for richness and crispness, there is a secret ingredient that provides an earth-shatteringly crispy crust. Mayonnaise, much like butter, gives the bread a brown and crisp exterior but provides a subtle tang rather than a richer buttery flavor. Slathering the exterior of the grilled cheese isn't the only addition you can make to the sandwich. What you put inside the sandwich counts as much as what's on the outside. Grainy Dijon mustard slathered on the inside of the sandwich may not be the first condiment you think of for grilled cheese, but it offers the perfect complement to the rich sandwich.

It's all about the balance

Dijon mustard has a strong, horseradish-like bite that acts as a great accompaniment to rich and greasy foods. Grilled cheese is typically pretty rich, regardless of which type of cheese and bread are used. Whichever ingredient you prefer in your grilled cheese, it's ultimately all about attaining the perfect balance of flavors. Oftentimes, people will enjoy a side of tomato soup or add tomatoes to their sandwich as a way of balancing the heavy cheeses with the acidity of the tomato. Mustard also works this way, as it has a wonderfully acidic and spicy bite. Thinly sliced apples are a popular choice for a grilled cheese filling, and mustard helps balance the sweetness of the apple.

Aside from mustard, the filling options are almost endless when it comes to grilled cheese. Some people opt for pickles due to their salty, briny flavor, while others prefer jam for the savory-sweet combination. For those that like the salty-sweet combination, honey can majorly upgrade your grilled cheese game. Instead of adding it to the inside of the grilled cheese, simply slather it on once the sandwich has been griddled. Creating the perfect grilled cheese is all about personal taste.