These Are The Best Cheeses To Use In A Grilled Cheese

Is there anything that screams childhood and youth as loudly as an ooey, gooey, stringy grilled cheese sandwich right out of the frying pan? Grilled cheese sandwiches have a simplicity about them. Cheese, bread, butter (or mayo), and a hot frying pan are all you need to make this sandwich; yet, even the simplest foods require love and attention when you are cooking, and the grilled cheese is no different. One of the most important aspects of creating the perfect grilled cheese is choosing the right cheese. There are many opinions about what makes a cheese right that even celebrities have weighed in on this debate and shared their favorite version of this comfort food (via PopSugar).

So where to start? One of the first details to consider when choosing a cheese is how easily it melts. The cheese artisans at Cheesetique in Del Ray, Virginia note on their blog that most cheese falls into the "easy melting category" if you first shred it. When selecting a cheese for your grilled cheese sandwich, they suggest picking a cheese that is not too aged, grate it, and sprinkle it in an even layer on to the bread. 

Still, many people say that the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich is the cheese you like best and where the flavor speaks to you. And cheese certainly has a lot of different flavors and smells to choose from.

What makes a cheese the best one for a grilled cheese?

Some people gravitate towards the processed American cheese slices from their childhood. No judgment here. Velveeta and Kraft single slices make for a classic grilled cheese that begs for a cup of tomato soup to accompany it (via Spruce Eats). However, if you have a more grown-up palette, blue cheese or Gruyere might be the cheese for you. Both cheeses melt well and offer a powerhouse of flavor. Blue cheese has a salty taste while Gruyere is a little sweeter to the taste buds. Taste of Home suggests using figs — fig spread would probably work best — in your grilled blue cheese sandwich to create a sweet and savory sensation, while Spruce Eats imagines a Gruyere grilled cheese topped with caramelized onions to make this version of the grilled cheese even sweeter. 

There are really very few cheese limitations when selecting the best cheese to satisfy your grilled cheese craving. Mozzarella cheese is another great cheese to use. Clearly it melts well, as it is the cheese of choice for pizza. Food Network suggests adding scallions or veggies if you use this cheese to really make the sandwich pop. Additionally, try some provolone, classic cheddar, Brie, or Manchego, and don't be afraid to add in some tomato or olive tapenade to really step up your grilled cheese game.