Martha Stewart Iconically Drank A Margarita Out Of A Measuring Cup

In recent years, Martha Stewart has made a name for herself as an internet icon, known for far more than her elegant table scapes and party-planning tips and tricks. She stunned the internet with her thirst trap photo and her personal Instagram is littered with unfiltered selfies. She set the internet ablaze when she posed wearing just an apron for her partnership with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. And even at the young age of 81, Stewart doesn't appear to be slowing down her brand deals or traveling anytime soon.

Stewart took the stage as a panelist for Samsung's "Unbox & Discover" event, and while attendees showed up to hear her talk, it was her unique drinking glass that sent the internet spiraling. Thanks to a Tiktok video, fans were able to watch Stewart as she put a measuring glass filled with a margarita on the floor beside her. In the video, Stewart seems as nonchalant as ever, completely unfazed that she's using such an unconventional drinking glass. Once the video was shared with the masses, fans couldn't help but share their thoughts on her iconic drinking vessel.

Fans applauded her bold move

The text that appeared on the video reads, "For real when I'm 81 I want to be Martha Stewart drinking a margarita out of a measuring cup in public." People were quick to comment and share their sentiments over Stewart's choice of drink ware. One user wrote, "I feel like Martha has been the lowest key OG and we're just finding out about this in her DGAF Era." Most of the commenters agreed that Stewart can do as she pleases, even if the rest of us don't understand it. While Stewart's team didn't comment on why she was using a measuring glass, they did confirm that the drink was her famous pomegranate margarita.

This isn't the first time the internet has lost its mind over the Martha-Rita. When she first made her signature drink, she used a full two cups of tequila for only four drinks. Unlike the measuring cups, Stewart's pomegranate Marth-rita calls for the drink to be served in "large, beautiful goblets." In Stewart's recipe, she uses crystal glasses, but apparently, any large vessel, including a measuring cup, will work just fine.