17 Best New Tequilas To Drink In 2023

Tequila is one of those spirits that will always have a place in any bar, whether that's at someone's home or in a classy restaurant. Tequila is an agave-based spirit that must be made using blue Weber agave and can only be distilled in some regions of Mexico to make it the real deal. The result is a lively spirit that's great for mixing into margaritas or taking shots followed by a wedge of lime. 

Yet no two tequilas are made equal, even if they come from the same distillery in Mexico. This makes it fun for tequila enthusiasts to explore the intricate nature of the spirit and everything it can be. It likewise means that distilleries are always unveiling new bottles to keep drinkers on their toes, meaning there are typically a few new bottles of tequila worth seeking out every year. 

The following bottles were all released, at the earliest, in 2022, making them the latest and greatest the market has to offer for 2023. Whether it's meant for mixing cocktails or drinking straight-up, we're here to help you find a new tequila to sip on before the year is over. 

Casa Azul Organic Blanco

Casa Azul made its debut into the spirits world with ready-to-drink canned cocktails but in 2023, the brand took the booze factor up a notch with its release of a line of organic tequilas. Casa Azul Tequila Blanco is made with 100% organic blue Weber agave grown on a single estate near the distillery. The 80-proof tequila from Jalisco rests up to three months in stainless steel vessels before it's bottled. The brand launched its line of straight spirits in March 2023 with help from Mexican actress Eliza Gonzàlez, who also serves as an investor. 

Casa Azul Tequila Blanco is a great option if you want to try something new, but are scared to try something too adventurous. Casa Azul is a no-nonsense smooth tequila that relies on that natural agave flavor, making it a palatable option to keep on your bar this year. Casa Azul Tequila Blanco has a suggested retail price of $69 as of April 2023.

Tequila Komos Añejo Cristalino

Tequila Komos unveiled its line of three tequilas at the end of 2022, and the Añejo Cristalino expression is not to be missed. The bottle features a blanco base that ages in French oak white wine barrels for about a year. Aged tequila typically rests in American bourbon bottles, so the difference is noticeable and welcome. The distillers use charcoal filtration to purify the spirit, making it extremely smooth without losing those deep aged notes. The Jalisco-born tequila is sold in beautiful porcelain bottles that are not just works of art, but also protect the spirit from light damage. 

Tequila Komos Añejo Cristalino is pleasantly dry like a good wine while maintaining slight agave sweetness. The flavor sways tropical with notes of citrus, pineapple, and florals standing out. It's a tequila meant to be enjoyed on its own, especially considering the $120 price tag at Total Wine as of April 2023. While the price is high, the quality is unmatched, making the tequila well worth the splurge.

Astral Tequila Añejo

Another añejo tequila that's well worth your time and money comes from Astral Tequila. The 80-proof spirit, which also comes from Jalisco, is aged for 12 months in single-use American oak barrels that are previously used for bourbon distillation. The liquor is distilled twice in copper pot stills to purify its flavor. Astral adds "bagasso" agave fibers to the batch while it is fermenting to enhance the earthy agave notes that make this tequila a winner.

Astral Tequila made its debut relatively recently in 2022, but the bottle's price and taste already make it a staple spirit to stock in your bar. The tequila is warm and oaky with stand-out flavors of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla. Total Wine sells a bottle of Astral Añejo for $40 as of April 2022, which is an extremely considerate price for any aged variation of 100% blue Weber agave tequila. 

Calirosa Reposado

Calirosa Tequila, known for celebrity partners like singer Adam Levine and model Behati Prinsloo, has added a new bottle to its lineup. Calirosa Reposado is an 80-proof expression that spends nine months aging in wine barrels to develop a deep flavor and distinct color. Calirosa made a name for itself in the tequila market with its colorful tequilas, like the brand's light pink Rosa Blanco, with a hue that's the result of aging in wine barrels. The latest release is another addition to the family. 

The stand-out notes from Calirosa's latest bottle sway tropical with guava and orange flavors. There is a slight spice element to the reposado as you would typically expect from the type, though this is a fruitier reposado than what you'll find in other mainstream bottles at the liquor store. Calirosa Reposado goes for a suggested retail price of $60 as of April 2023. 

Freshie Organic Tequila Seltzers

One new ready-to-drink option for tequila lovers comes from Freshie organic seltzers. The canned cocktails feature real blanco tequila and agave nectar for sweetness in a can that's surprisingly full of flavor for just 99 calories per serving. The brand made a splash in 2022 with its line of three flavors — lime, grapefruit guava, and blood orange habanero — as well as for earning its USDA organic certification. Now, the full-flavored seltzers are ready to be a staple in the cooler for all of your summer 2023 drinking activities. 

Many customers who have tried Freshie remark on its simple, yet well-executed rendition of a canned cocktail. The name is extremely on point because the seltzers are shockingly fresh, making it easy to sip on a few cans to beat the heat. The variety pack of Freshie organic tequila seltzers sells for about $20 on Drizly as of April 2023. 

Nosotros Tequila Madera

Nosotros Tequila was born out of creativity, as a business that started as a college assignment taken on by two friends. Now, the brand is independently owned and self-distributed with a growing reputation for ultra-smooth flavor. Nosotros Tequila also comes from a female-owned and operated distillery in Mexico that puts sustainability at the forefront of its operations.

One recent release from Nosotros that's worth adding to your 2023 must-try list is its Madera tequila. The signature añejo-style tequila spends a respectable 21 months aging in white oak barrels in a process that gives the result a rich and warm flavor that has tasting notes reminiscent of a freshly baked dessert made with butterscotch and cinnamon. Old Town Tequila sells Nosotros Madera tequila for $140 a bottle as of April 2023, making it a great spirit to treat yourself with and keep on your bar for special occasion sipping.

Próspero Blanco

Próspero has released an unaged 100% agave spirit that is bright and zesty, making this blanco tequila a great addition to cocktails like palomas or margaritas. However, it's still more than smooth enough to sip on its own. Próspero is the handy work of Stella Anguiano, one of the most distinguished female master distillers in all of Mexico. The brand honors its feminine roots, which is part of the reason that it teamed up with musician Rita Ora to help market the brand. 

Próspero Blanco tequila sells for $35 a bottle at Total Wine as of April 2023, making it another budget-friendly bottle to mix up your usual bar lineup. It might not be as complex as some of the other, more pricey tequilas on this list, but don't discount it. This is exactly what you expect a staple blanco to be for cocktail-making and beyond. 

Tequila Herradura Legend

Another añejo-style luxury spirit comes from Tequila Herradura, a widely-recognized brand that's been around for more than 150 years. In honor of its 150th anniversary in 2020, distillers created Herradura Legend. It was such a popular limited release that the brand kept it around for good. The 100% blue Weber agave tequila is naturally fermented and spends a year aging in heavily-charred white oak barrels. The difference here is that the barrels used by Herradura have much deeper grooves than normal. It allows the tequila to come into contact with a wider surface area inside the barrel, developing a more intense oak flavor. 

Herradura Legend, like most top-shelf añejos, is best enjoyed on its own to appreciate its delicate flavors. The oaky flavor notes linger on your tastebuds long after you've swallowed a sip, making it feel luxurious. A bottle sells for about $150 on Drizly as of April 2023, but it's one splurge you won't regret after trying. 

Maestro Dobel 50 Silver Oak

Another luxurious option for tequila is a collaboration between distillers at Maestro Dobel and Napa Valley winemakers at Silver Oak Vineyards. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Silver Oak and the 50th birthday of Maestro Dobel's CEO, these two powerhouse brands joined forces to produce a one-of-a-kind tequila. 

Maestro Dobel 50 Silver Oak edition is an extra añejo that is aged in wine barrels previously used for making Silver Oak's legendary Cabernet Sauvignon. The resulting spirit has an amber hue and a complex flavor that's worth savoring. It's too basic to remark on notes of dried fruits and citrus because the flavors inside the bottle are so much more than that. Thankfully, this is another spirit that completely takes over your mouth and leaves a lingering flavor that you don't ever want to melt away. 

Maestro Dobel and Silver Oak unveiled the small-production tequila in November 2022, and its price tag isn't for everyone. The suggested retail price for the exclusive bottle is $1,100. So if you have the chance to taste a sip of Maestro Dobel and Silver Oak's masterpiece, it is well worth jumping on it. 

Cierto Private Collection Reposado

Cierto Tequila has another top-shelf tequila with craftsmanship worth admiring. It's also a great bottle to gift someone for a special occasion. The brand's Private Collection Reposado is an 80-proof tequila that has been aged in French Limousin oak casks which previously held fine wine as well as Cognac and Armagnac brandies. Cierto approaches making tequila in a similar manner to how Scotch whisky is made, as it's twice-distilled in copper pots and column stills. Most importantly, the brand is all about letting the rich agave flavor of the tequila shine through. 

Cierto Private Collection Reposado has a rich flavor that's reminiscent of good French butter. Tasting notes of caramel, cinnamon, and vanilla add to the all-encompassing experience. Sip Tequila sells Cierto Private Collection Reposado for $130 a bottle as of April 2023, making it another bottle to add to your must-try list whenever the opportunity comes knocking. 

Don Julio 1942 Rosado

Don Julio 1942 might be one of the best-known luxury tequila brands on the market today, but it's providing something new for loyal customers with its latest tequila release. The brand unveiled its Don Julio Rosado in March 2023, a reposado tequila with a bright pink hue meant for Instagram. The color comes from the spirit's four-month stint aging in ruby port wine casks that are sourced from the Douro region of Portugal. This short amount of time dramatically modifies the tequila's signature flavor. 

Don Julio Rosado keeps its character as a spicy yet smooth reposado with slight notes of dried fruit. Like the original Don Julio 1942, this is a liquor that is best enjoyed on the rocks or in a basic cocktail that lets the flavor of the spirit shine through. Total Wine sells Don Julio Rosado for $125 a bottle as of April 2023.

Volcan X.A. Tequila

Volcan tequila has two basic principles: honor the environmental abundance of the volcano in Tequila, Mexico, and never be afraid to make something new. That ethos is best exemplified in the release of Volcan X.A. Tequila. The spirit is particularly special, as it's a blend of reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequilas all derived from 100% blue Weber agave. Each tequila is aged for a different amount of time, adding layered depth to the flavor profile. The stand-out notes are chocolate and vanilla, making it taste like an elevated dessert. 

Volcan also uses blends in its distillation process that uses a combination of modern-day milling techniques and those using volcanic rocks. The base of the volcano is also the location of Volcan's distillery, which is unique for being one of the few single-dedicated distilleries in all of Jalisco. There are so many qualities that make Volcan X.A. a special bottle worth appreciating, and you can purchase it for $180 at Old Town Tequila as of April 2023. 

Costa Reposado Tequila

A more everyday option for reposado tequila comes from Costa Tequila. The brand is known for its signature hi/lo blend of tequila which is far from the norm for many other popular tequila brands. That's in part because distillers for Costa use a blend of agave from both the highlands and lowlands of Jalisco for a layered flavor. The two different versions of the blue Weber agave plant offer a mix of fruity and herbal notes that translates well into Costa's various bottled expressions. 

Costa Reposado is aged for a total of eight months in American oak barrels before it is finally bottled. The flavor is distinctly that of a reposado — peppery, smokey, and marked with notes of vanilla and caramel. Mash and Grape sells a bottle of Costa Reposado tequila for $43 as of April 2023, making it an accessibly-priced spirit to seek out in 2023. 

Paladar Destilado de Agave Amburana

 A very experimental tequila that is worth purchasing in 2023 is Paladar Tequila Destilado de Agave. The spirit is an expression of reposado that starts off pretty normal — the alcohol is twice-distilled in copper and stainless steel pots and aged for two months in former bourbon barrels. However, the following process is where Paladar makes things interesting and stands out from the other reposados on the market. 

The reposado tequila then is aged for two months in an amburana wood cask. Amburana is a wood that is native to Brazil that adds a lot of color and characteristics to the tequila. Paladar Tequila Destilado de Agave has a remarkable sweetness that stays true to the earthy agave flavor but with added notes of baking spices. It's a spirit worth sipping on its own and the brand sells its bottle for $70 as of April 2023. 

Curamia Tequila Reposado

Curamia reposado is an affordable tequila that made its debut in the fall of 2022. Its high-quality flavor comes from a sustainable distillation process that creates a clean-flavored spirit. Curamia also uses a fermentation process both with and without agave fibers to infuse botanical notes into the mix. The tequila is aged for 4-5 months in both new and used American oak barrels to develop a woody and natural flavor that is unforgettable.

The golden liquor carries the sweetness of agave nectar along with the herbal spice that you've come to expect from an aged tequila. Curamia Reposado has a suggested retail price of $45 a bottle, making it relatively easy to procure. The reasonable price also makes it a good tequila for mixing into cocktails. If you're someone who usually drinks a margarita made with blanco tequila, a spicy reposado can totally transform your typical drink of choice.

Inspiro Rosa Reposado

Pink tequila is apparently all the rage in 2023. Take Inspiro Tequila Rosa Reposado, introduced by its woman-owned brand in 2022. This blanco tequila is aged in French rosé wine barrels that give it the appearance of a light rosé wine. It sells for $77 a bottle as of April 2023. 

Beyond its similarities in appearance, Inspiro's Tequila Rosa Reposado is also similar to rosé wine in taste. The tequila has a light body that is fruity, floral, and slightly nutty. It's a full-flavored spirit that is well worth sipping and savoring, especially considering its higher price tag. Inspiro is a brand all about giving back. It pioneered the Inspiro Purple Bicycle Project, which supports young women intending to become entrepreneurs. This is a tequila that not only holds its own in taste and quality but Inspiro is also created by a female-founded company with worthwhile initiatives.

Gran Centenario Tequila Cristalino

Gran Centenario Tequila is far from a new company, as the small-batch tequila brand has been a Mexican staple since 1857. In November 2022, the brand released a Cristalino tequila that is the epitome of flavor. The brand blends both añejo and extra añejo tequila before finishing the spirit in Calvados casks. The filtration process is even next-level as the spirit makes its way through Mexican silver, among other steps. 

Gran Centenario Cristalino is a smooth and clear tequila that is all about the flavors of agave and oak. Another distinct aspect of the brand's process is its "Seleccion Suava" that adds older tequila reserves into new blends so that each spirit develops even more complex flavor profiles. The latest release is a great way to experience Gran Cebnenario's age-old methods, and you can purchase a bottle for about $80 as of April 2023.