The McDonald's Puerto Rico Menu Items That Gives Us Major FOMO

American McDonald's locations focus on, well, American classics. When it comes to burgers, fries, chicken nuggets, ice cream, and fountain drinks, you can probably find what you're looking for at your local McDonald's. Aside from the occasional seasonal items, like the McRib or the Shamrock Shake, locations across the United States keep a pretty consistent menu.

While there's plenty to choose from already, McDonald's restaurants in other countries have some unique, refreshing menu items that you won't find in America. In Paris, you can order macaroons as dessert in place of a McFlurry. In Japan, instead of a boring old McChicken, you can order a teriyaki chicken sandwich.

And as it goes with comparing anything in life, the grass is always greener on the other side. Because duh, who doesn't want fast, affordable macaroons? Unfortunately, we're not here to tell you that exciting new foods from different cultures are coming to the U.S. Instead, we're experiencing another moment of FOMO on a Puerto Rican McDonald's menu item that we'd die to get our hands on — mozzarella sticks.

McDonald's once added mozzarella sticks to American menus

If you're at a McDonald's in Puerto Rico, instead of ordering a side of those famous fries, you can order a side of mozzarella sticks. One order of the coveted fried cheese appetizer comes with four mozzarella sticks served with a tomato-based sauce. And for four sticks of breaded, deep-fried cheese, 280 calories isn't so bad! Too bad for Americans, you won't be enjoying the fast-food chain's mozzarella sticks anytime soon.

McDonald's fried cheese sticks aren't on the American menu as a result of exclusivity or even a lack of demand. The franchise actually added mozzarella sticks to its American menu in 2016, and as any foodie would, fans across the nation rejoiced. That was until customers received their order sans any cheese. Dozens of disappointed customers began reporting that McDonald's mozzarella sticks were made solely of fried breading with nothing more than air on the inside. One angry customer even filed a class action lawsuit against McDonald's claiming that the cheese wasn't even mozzarella at all. The franchise quickly pulled the fried cheese sticks from its menu after the scandal.

Besides mozzarella sticks, McDonald's Puerto Rico also features delicious bacon, sausage, and ham variations of Creole bread sandwiches with egg and cheese for breakfast. Creole bread is similar to French or Italian bread, but either way, it's got us brimming with envy.