The Scorched Taco Bell Quesadilla We Wouldn't Even Eat

Another day, another fast food failure. Repeat offender Taco Bell, who was recently responsible for what has been deemed the world's saddest burrito, as well as this equally upsetting taco, is back again with another order that is breaking hearts and amusing Redditors. This time, the item in question is a quesadilla — something we'd usually order when we want a warm and comforting pick-me-up. However, in this case, it looks more like something someone picked out of the trash. 

One Redditor raised an important question about a quesadilla they purchased, "Does this look edible?" Honestly, we're not quite sure. Equally black and charred on the outside, the quesadilla appeared to be missing most of its filling. As the original poster eloquently put it, "Looks burnt, smells burnt, hardly any insides. I think it takes skill to make one like this." If it wasn't already done, fellow Redditors gave this quesadilla another roast. 

Is this quesadilla actually edible?

Commenters were creative with their insults, many of which drew upon the colorful composition of the quesadilla. "Looks like the linoleum floor at my old house. Pass," commented one user. "What the f—k. It looks like the world's first quesadilla excavated from a tomb," another suggested. As it happens, the world's first quesadilla was probably invented in 16th-century Mexico, but we still think this could be an artifact worthy of display in the Taco Bell museum.

Others took the opportunity to take aim at Taco Bell's rising prices, which have recently been subject to criticism from some users on TikTok. "That'll be $7.49. Enjoy", one person remarked, while someone else reminded them, "And gas to get that." But, to answer the original poster's question — is this quesadilla edible? Well, you could eat it, but it turns out that eating burnt food could be bad for your health. Burnt foods contain the compound acrylamide, which may or may not cause cancer depending on which studies you prescribe to, according to Science Focus. While we doubt eating a scorched quesadilla will land you in the hospital, your taste buds certainly won't be thanking you later.