Which Taco Bells Around The World Sell Beer?

Back in 2015, fans of Taco Bell were more than a little hyped after learning that the fast-food franchise would be opening its very first alcohol-friendly location in Chicago. The idea for these restaurants, dubbed "Cantinas," was just crazy enough to work; and they inevitably became such a hit that there are now dozens spread across the U.S. Many serve boozy "Twisted Freezes," sangria, and frosty beers to pair with their Mexican-style fare, and some even offer local craft brews on tap. Just when you thought its iconic Mountain Dew Baja Blast couldn't get any more delicious, knowing that you can add a bit of tequila, rum, or vodka to it makes visiting your nearest Taco Bell Cantina very tempting.

Each location is a unique and fun experience in itself, like the one in Las Vegas, which comes complete with a DJ and a neon wall of spiked slushy flavors as well as being open at all hours of the day. And, of course, in sunny California, there's a completely beachside Taco Bell Cantina, where customers can step right outside and take their tacos and beer to chill out with an ocean view. This grand idea of selling adult beverages at Taco Bell has caught on in other parts of the world, too, specifically in Spain, India, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Korea. In these Taco Bell locations, it's normal to add beer to a combo meal, and there are some odd-yet-genius beer dispensers out there that are designed to regulate each thirsty patron's serving perfectly.

At London's Taco Bell, beer comes through the cup's base

For a couple of decades, London had been completely devoid of any Taco Bell eateries until 2018, when they opened four new locations in an effort to bring more Mexican-inspired restaurant options for Europeans. One of its main selling points was beer, which you can see right when you walk in. Getting to sip your own frothy brew is as easy as bringing your cup up to the counter, placing it on the dispenser, popping it in, and waiting as your cup actually begins filtering in beer from the bottom up.

Along with all the intriguing Taco Bell menu options that are available internationally, selling spirits on the menu has definitely helped the franchise expand its appeal to a wider audience. If you're exploring Madrid and happen to make Taco Bell part of your lunchtime itinerary, you'll be happy to know there are options like mojitos that you can try if you aren't a fan of beer. Japan's Taco Bell offers beer, sangria, and frozen margaritas, similar to what you'll find at the Cantinas here in the States. The watermelon and minty lime freezes at Indian T-Bell, which you can dump some liquor into if you want a bit of a kick to go with your burritos, sound sublime.

Adding alcoholic options like draft beer and the ability to create your own buzzed, uniquely flavored freezes makes cantina-style Taco Bells an even better choice for enjoying a meal with a bit of fun on the side.