What Makes This California Taco Bell Location Unique

When you think of Taco Bell, you don't generally associate the fast food spot with picture-perfect ambiance or the ocean breeze. However, if you happen to visit Taco Bell in Pacifica, California, these are the perks you'll get along with your Nacho Grande. 

Called "the greatest Taco Bell in the world" by Thrillist and clocking in at the number one spot on Taco Bell's blog post "12 Beautiful Taco Bells You Never Knew Existed," this location is not your average roadside drive-thru. This Taco Bell is nestled right up against the beach, boasting a wrap-around porch and a beautiful weathered wood exterior. You'll find a large dining area on the back patio, perfect for munching on a Crunchwrap Supreme while absorbing the breathtaking ocean views. ​​

As for the inside of the restaurant, Insider describes it as modern with colors including white and a "pretty turquoise," which is also the color of the ordering counter. You can even find a ton of swag to purchase so you can show off on the Gram.

Hardly your average Taco Bell

Aside from the regular Taco Bell menu, this location is a Taco Bell Cantina, meaning that it serves alcohol. Guests can order beer, wine, or sip on one of Taco Bell's famous freezes, spiked with vodka or tequila, all while enjoying beachfront dining. 

There are outdoor racks to station surfboards, palm trees, and a walk-up ordering window with a sign reading "customers with sandy feet place order at the window," (per Insider). For those wondering, there is no drive-thru available at this location.

The interior displays a mural dedicated to Taco Bell's signature hot sauces and an aesthetically pleasing, large, see-through fireplace that looks out onto the beach. With all the buzz surrounding this beachfront fast food spot, it may be worth a visit the next time you're in the Pacifica, California area.

If you find yourself in the cities of Austin or Manhattan, there are Cantina locations there as well. As a matter of fact, Delish reports that there are over 40 Taco Bell Cantinas across the United States, including the popular Las Vegas location, where, while enjoying a Chalupa, you can also get married at the wedding chapel.