Drinks To Order At Dunkin' If You Don't Like Coffee

America is a nation of coffee drinkers. Coffee is the most popular choice for churning on our daily grinds, but despite the widespread memes centered on caffeine dependency, you'll discover this adoration isn't shared by everyone. How many times have we heard people bash coffee's bitter taste and pungent aroma? No amount of creamer or number of sugar packets can apparently wash away their distaste for this polarizing beverage. 

For non-coffee drinkers, a franchise like Dunkin' doesn't inspire much confidence for purchasing a suitable sip. After all, what exactly do you buy from a place known for selling coffee and doughnuts? While it's true that the New England chain focused on java (and doughnuts) upon its opening in 1950, the beverage selection has expanded quite rapidly in the decades since. When you look at Dunkin's menu now, what you'll see in its drink range are a slew of tasty alternatives eschewing the brew altogether. Having gathered the milky frappes, creamy lattes, and thirst-quenching fruit juices, we've done the work of finding substitutes that are sure to win you over. 

Hot Chai Latte

For those who like the idea of lattes but feel turned off by espresso's acidic bite, Dunkin's Hot Chai Latte is a pretty safe bet. It's a tea from India that's boiled with milk and spices, most traditionally cinnamon and cardamom, for a sweetly spicy twist. Dunkin's version of the chai latte features a trio of popular flavors — cardamom, cinnamon, and nutmeg — that's frothed to a creamy finish. Many would claim it's similar to the Pumpkin Spice Latte, so if you've had to avoid the fall staple out of an aversion to coffee, a Hot Chai Latte does the job in its place. 

Although regular milk is the go-to mix-in for chai, Dunkin' has added dairy alternatives to expand the scope of dietary measures. Nut milks such as almond or oat milk are easy swaps that let you sip it to your own satisfaction without sacrificing the taste. A Hot Chai Latte will be bold enough on its own, but depending on your preferences, you might seek out one of the Flavor Shots or Swirls to amp up the drama. For one Reddit user, spiking their Chai Latte with vanilla resulted in a dangerously delicious drink that "tastes like Christmas in a cup!"


Who doesn't find joy in whipped drinks that are pumped full of sugary goodness? At Dunkin', those would be the Coolattas. Launched in the early 1990s, these creamy drinks are the polar opposite of drip coffee with their harmonious blend of milk, ice, and a variety of mix-ins. If blended chunks of Oreo cookie bring milkshakes to mind, you're definitely not far off, and for that reason, fans usually point non-coffee drinkers towards them. You can find them at Dunkin' year-round, but let's be real: summertime is when they truly shine.

One of the things you'll immediately notice about Dunkin's version of the Frappuccino (which existed before Starbucks's, by the way) is that new flavors pop onto the menu all the time. There's been pineapple, pumpkin pie, Chips Ahoy!, and cotton candy to satiate customers beyond the espresso-sipping demographic, but as Dunkin's website illustrates, there's no shortage of combinations to choose from. Java fans did suffer a blow when the chain retired the Coffee Coolatta in 2017, but luckily that won't matter much here.

Hot Tea

Another balm for chilly weather, hot tea can soothe everything from dreary gray days to a froggy throat. While we usually associate a mug of tea with relaxing before bed, the presence of caffeine can make it a great perk-me-up too. Should you find yourself at a Dunkin' in the morning for a quick pastry or breakfast wrap, why not go the herbal route for your drink? Just like any other coffee-drinking American, you can pep up your day with a steamy cup of Bold Breakfast Black Tea or Harmony Leaf Green Tea. 

Maybe the reason you don't drink coffee isn't necessarily out of revulsion, but for the shaky sensation caffeine causes upon consumption. For those with a sensitivity, black tea in particular has less than java but still enough to spur on a case of the jitters. Assuming you're not trying to jolt yourself out of a 5 a.m. stupor, you might consider a decaf offering. In addition to a caffeine-free black tea, Dunkin' also provides "Herbal Infusions" that channel the beverage's aromatics minus the unwanted stimulants. At the moment you can find Cool Mint, Chamomile Fields and Hibiscus Kiss, but internet sleuths have identified the latter two as potentially being on the outs. 

Iced Tea

Brewed tea may warm you up on a chilly day, but frankly, it's not going to cool you off when temperatures skyrocket. Whereas Dunkin's cold brew and iced coffee are the typical heat wave antidotes, coffee abstainers can happily go for an iced tea instead. The chilled drink comes in basic varieties like black or green, and customers can opt for sweetened or plain tea to appease their particular tastes. Not to mention that at 63 milligrams of caffeine in a medium beverage, it's far less caffeinated than an iced coffee of the same size, so you'll be jitter-free by bedtime! 

Another thing to point out about Dunkin's Iced Tea besides the fresh flavor and tongue-tingling chill? It's identical to the hot black tea and that's because it's basically the same beverage. As the doughnut shop's website points out in the description, the black tea is boiled as it's always done in store for hot drinks. When a visitor orders one at the counter employees simply pour the brew into a giant cup filled with ice. There isn't much prep beyond preparing the drink, and it's just as quick to roll out as an iced coffee, letting you pick one up in a pinch. 

Dunkin' Refreshers

Suspecting that Dunkin's priorities should only cater to coffee, innovations like the Dunkin' Refreshers easily put that perception out to pasture. Originally designed to rouse us from our pandemic-induced slump in 2020, these drinks burst with tropical tang and a host of good ingredients to fuel our bodies. It's essentially a chilled green tea, but infused with B Vitamins — and a splendor of fruit flavors — that keep us wide awake to face the day. An iced tea will never do you wrong from Dunkin,' but a Refresher in flavors like Strawberry Dragonfruit or Mango Pineapple? You'll probably get a few envious glances from your coffee run companions.

Despite the healthful marketing, a Dunkin' Refresher isn't exactly the most nutritious beverage for everyday drinking. Just the medium size alone (that's 24 ounces) packs at least 27 grams of sugar, well over half the suggested allotment for your daily consumption. Even then, it's got nothing on the syrup-loaded coffee beverages many people grab routinely, and who says coffee drinkers get to have all of the fun? Reddit commenters adore the sadly-seasonal Blood Orange flavor, but knowing Dunkin,' a new favorite is sure to make its way down the pike.

Lemonade Refreshers

Fruit juice tends to come up any time people seek out coffee substitutes, and one of the stone-cold classics is none other than lemonade. Yet when life gives Dunkin' lemons, the fast food franchise doesn't just turn them into ordinary lemonade: it turns them into something even better. The Lemonade Refresher is essentially a tart take on the original Refresher, and by that token, one of the best java-free choices you'll find at the coffee empire. Although the specialty drink is spiked with different flavors — peach, strawberry, and blueberry — Dunkin's Newsroom adds that customers can also quench their thirst with plain lemonade as well. 

Contrary to what we'd expect, lemonade is not a mainstay on the Dunkin' menu. As Reddit commenters indicate, the cheek-puckering staple is only around during the spring and summer before vanishing into the sunset for the year. This is disappointing when there are so few beverages that don't contain coffee, but rest assured, the summertime staple is sure to be there once the weather warms up. Another thing to keep in mind? Apparently the lemonade is intensely sugary, even cloying, to some people who've had it, so no sweeteners will be necessary. 

Hot Chocolate

Coffee is just one of those things where you either love it or hate it. With chocolate, we know there are detractors out there, but come on — who could ever truly hate chocolate? That's why out of the potential beverages coffee-avoidant consumers will fall in love with at Dunkin,' the hot chocolate is the least polarizing of the bunch. In addition to the holiday season, drinking a cheery cup of cocoa can't help but lift your spirits any time it's cold. It's the taste of all those childhood memories, of winters spent bundled up by the fireplace or unwrapping presents under the Christmas tree. 

If there had to be a downside to Dunkin's hot chocolate, rare as that may be, it's that the drink won't be nearly as creamy as, say, the Chai Latte. That's because it's brewed with water rather than milk — water is even the first ingredient listed on Dunkin's website! Even then, it's hard to be disappointed with a silky drink that's like dessert in a cup. Customers reportedly order their cups with raspberry or blueberry syrup, so if you're craving what's essentially a melted-down truffle, it's a prime indulgence you'll score from Dunkin'.  

Iced Chai Latte

Dunkin's Iced Chai Latte is another score for picky tastebuds. Whereas the standard hot latte brims with frothed milk, its cold counterpart is served atop a solid layer of ice. The plus side of this rejuvenating drink is that you can gulp it down without scorching your tongue, or worse, waiting for it to cool. The combination of sweet spices, tea, and milk marry well together chilled, and for that, it's much smoother going down than your usual iced coffee. 

From our research, we're clearly onto something if customers out in the wild are saying that the milky beverage guarantees sipping satisfaction for people who can't stomach coffee. This was the case of one Reddit user who ordered one, titling the caption "for all of my non-coffee drinkers" and posting a picture of their magnificently creamy drink swirled not just with spices, but with a few extra add-ons to pump things up: Salted Caramel Cold Foam, and four — yes, four — shots of the Salted Caramel syrup to go with it. Truthfully, you don't have to go that far to achieve a gulp-worthy sip at the doughnut shop, but feel free to use it as inspiration for your next go-to coffee replacement. 

Hot Matcha Latte

Does Dunkin' have a dependable array of coffee-adjacent picks? Absolutely. But just as a vegetarian craves some meat-free choices beyond salad greens, forgoing espresso doesn't mean you should be forced to swig hot chocolate until the end of your days. At least, not if you don't want to. If you've visited the coffee franchise in the last few years, you'll see that matcha has quickly taken over the beverage menu. The Japanese green tea, minced to a fine powder, is equally crave-inducing as java and chock-full of caffeine to boot. Here it's served as a hot latte with your milk of choice. 

Compared to other drinks on Dunkin's roster, matcha boasts a complex earthiness you might not be used to. But Dunkin's matcha blend is far from traditional. Because the chain utilizes a ready-made mixture, and the mixture contains additional sweeteners, this drink is strong enough on the flavor as is. In fact, tempering any potential edge with a shot of vanilla or salted caramel could run the drink into saccharine territory. For something trendy to sip on during your coffee break, the Hot Matcha Latte will make it impossible not to fit in. 

Iced Matcha Latte

Did you think Dunkin's matcha fixation would only stop at hot beverages? Whenever the coffee chain rolls out a toasty drink, there's usually a refreshingly icy version not far behind. Swirling together matcha powder with milk and ice, the Iced Matcha Latte creates a viral-worthy hue with its signature earthy essence and that stunning shade of green. As far as looks go, it's practically unmistakable from the lattes you'll see people wait in line for — a towering cup of milky, creamy goodness, just sans the brew. 

Although the Hot Matcha Latte is a hit among Dunkin's base, clearly the cold rendition wins out in terms of the wide range of tasty customizations. On Reddit, a fan declared delight over the combination of a blueberry flavor shot and almond milk in the tea-based drink, while The Impulsive Buy, awarding it a 7 out of 10 score, noted the punch of sweetness Dunkin's matcha has over other coffeeshops. This should give some sense of the pleasantness on the tongue, especially when it comes to putting it to the real test to refresh — beach days, park hangs, heat waves, you name it. 

Frozen Chocolate

Should a cappuccino-guzzling colleague drag you on their Dunkin' run (who hasn't been there?), look to the frozen selection for something palatable. These drinks are extravagantly sugary, no doubt about it, but at the bare minimum there'll be something for you to sip on — silver linings and all, right? One guarantee that's ready to order is the Frozen Chocolate, a milky dream of a beverage. With the exception of the Coolattas — and the tubs of Rum Raisin on the Baskin-Robbins side of the store — it's the closest the coffee chain gets to ice cream. A hot chocolate-esque sundae, if you will.

Leaving out that customer opinions seem somewhat divided, the Frozen Chocolate remains a proper indulgence. It's unapologetically delicious, as any beverage bursting with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle is bound to be, and with flavors outside just chocolate — Caramel and French Vanilla, for example — you can pump a little excitement into it. Arguably, there's no real difference between this concoction and a milkshake — one medium cup boasts 700 calories and over 100 milligrams of sugar — but so long as it's an occasional treat, you'll have no issues fitting this into your coffee-free lifestyle. 

Frozen Matcha Latte

Just when you thought Dunkin's coffee-free menu was unmatched, it rolls out another blended beverage like the Frozen Matcha Latte. Launched simultaneously with the chain's full matcha lineup, you can sip on it with or without whipped cream, and savor the creaminess of the tea powder mixed with milk and a luscious "liquid cane sugar" for peak sweetness. 

Evidently enough, there are three ways you can order matcha at Dunkin' — for now. What prompts this reaction? Word on the street is that the coffee company is scrapping the whipped tea drink and plans of its retirement were actually revealed by a Reddit user who posted a screenshot of scheduled phase-outs including snacks, pastries, and of course, the Frozen Matcha Latte. 

While writing this off as speculation would be tempting, we'd have to eat our words because sacred cows like the Dunkaccino were named and guess what? It vanished for good after a decades-long run. At the time of this writing the Frozen Matcha Latte remains on Dunkin's website, but don't get complacent — one of the few drinks you can sip gleefully may not be around forever, so heading over to the drive-thru stat is your best option.