This Dunkin' Secret Menu Drink Tastes Like A Chocolate Covered Strawberry

If you are not a huge fan of coffee and assumed your beverage options at Dunkin' were limited to either hot chocolate or iced tea, this secret menu drink might just be your new go-to order. According to Taste of Home, the drink is a hybrid of a frozen hot chocolate and a strawberry Coolatta (Dunkin's version of a slushie), and the result tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry.

Technically speaking, Coolattas come in only three standard flavors — strawberry, blue raspberry, and vanilla bean — but that's only if you order from the regular menu. There are many more delicious options available if you are willing to get creative, however. Taste of Home explains that all of the same flavor shots and swirls that you can add to an iced coffee are also available for the Coolattas. That means you don't have to wait for Dunkin' to introduce another limited edition or seasonal flavor, as the chocolate covered strawberry Coolatta is available year 'round whenever you are in the mood for this decadent treat.

How do you order a chocolate covered strawberry Coolatta?

We have all heard the horror stories of picky customers belaboring baristas with a long list of demands and substitutions for their perfect coffee, but fortunately, this drink is as easy to request as it is for your Dunkin' barista to make. To order a chocolate covered strawberry Coolatta, simply ask for a medium Frozen Chocolate with two pumps of strawberry Coolatta syrup. That's it! Dunkin's frozen hot chocolates already come topped with whipped cream, so as usual, you can decide if you want that included or not.

If you want to switch things up a little, one Dunkin' barista, who goes by @SecretMenuDunkin on TikTok, recommends the chocolate covered raspberry version. This drink is more on the mocha side than on the chocolate side, and it uses raspberry syrup instead of strawberry Coolatta syrup. To order the chocolate covered raspberry drink, ask for a medium Chocolate Stout Cold Foam with a raspberry shot added. It's just as easy. Whether you prefer chocolate to mocha, or strawberries to raspberries, you can't go wrong with such tasty options.