How To Use Wine To Make An Unforgettable Omelet, According To Kevin O'Leary - Exclusive

Making an omelet is arguably a low-key affair, especially if you know your way around a kitchen. The ingredients are flexible, the techniques can vary, and at the end of the day, as long as you end up with some sort of egg pancake stuffed with your favorite toppings (and ideally lots of cheese), then you and whoever else you're feeding are bound to be satiated.

Of course, if you're Chef Wonderful, aka Kevin O'Leary, a simple omelet is anything but. The "Shark Tank" investor and self-taught chef and foodie is actually quite culinarily adept, and his personality on set definitely mirrors his approach to cooking, not to mention his confidence in the kitchen. He does things his own way, and he knows the results are bound to wow. "My omelets — I hate to be boastful, but I am the best. That's it," he told Mashed in an exclusive interview talking all things cooking.

To back up this claim, O'Leary detailed his elaborate and crave-inducing method for making an unforgettable omelet involving mushrooms, ham, and not one, but two types of wine.

Chef Wonderful's secret is to use both red and white wine

If you want to make an omelet like Chef Wonderful, you should be warned that it's not as easy as cracking and flipping some eggs. Kevin O'Leary's process involves a few steps, but none of them are overly complicated, and the end result provides decadent layers of flavor.

It starts with mushrooms and white wine. Chef Wonderful uses his own line of namesake O'Leary wines, but we say you can get away with using whatever brands you prefer or have one hand. O'Leary begins by using unsalted butter to brown mushrooms on the stove, then introduces "about 5 teaspoons of O'Leary Chardonnay 2020, which is an unoaked chardonnay that, when it reduces, gives a unique [flavor to the] mushrooms." He also pointed out that, outside of its flavor, chardonnay doesn't impact the color of the mushrooms the way red wine would, "which some people don't like in a fluffy omelet. I'm not combating that beautiful color, because I care about texture and color when I'm cooking."

After the mushrooms finish cooking down, O'Leary removes them from the pan to let them cool down. "Then I introduce my ham," he said, along with "a little cabernet sauvignon, which does make the ham a little darker but also gives it a unique flavor." After that's cooked, it's time to bring all the elements together. Eggs get added to the pan, and the mushrooms rejoin the mix along with a diced onion that O'Leary adds "as the egg is solidifying in the cast iron pan." The final step is to flip the omelet, allowing it to cook through on both sides, and add cheese depending on your preference. There you have it — a Chef Wonderful-approved omelet that is sure to satisfy your appetite and impress your brunch guests.

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