How To Take Your Omelets To The Next Level

Nothing gets us out of bed in the morning quite like a hearty breakfast, and if you have a savory palette, there's a good chance that your typical morning meal involves eggs. Packed full of protein, an egg dish is the perfect powerhouse meal to kick start your day, as noted by Healthline. Not to mention, there are so many ways to spice up this versatile pantry staple. From a fancy eggs Benedict to a simple plate of scrambled eggs, the egg world is truly your oyster. However, no egg-centric meal is more classic than an omelet.

There are so many things to love about this highly customizable dish. For one, most savory ingredients can be incorporated into an omelet, including shredded cheeses, diced meats, or sliced veggies. This makes an omelet a great go-to meal to whip up if you only have a few ingredients in your fridge. While a classic omelet recipe is one that every home cook should attempt to master, there are certainly some pretty big mistakes that everyone makes when cooking omelets. Luckily, there are also simple hacks that can help you take your omelet game up a notch. Insider recommends an out-of-the-box method that the news outlet claims will result in the ideal breakfast dish.

Using a bag leads to a more evenly cooked omelet

Whether you are using a scrambled egg hack or frying it up, you are typically using a pan to get the job done. But what if someone told you that you could cook an egg in a plastic bag? Would you believe them?

Well, not only can you cook an egg in a plastic bag, but it will supposedly yield better results than frying an egg on a stove, according to Insider. To top that off, using this method requires almost no culinary prowess, meaning that anyone can do it! Simply start by cracking your eggs directly into a plastic bag. Shake (don't stir) the bag forcefully until the eggs have blended seamlessly together. Then, add any additional omelet ingredients to the bag. As you prepare the dish, have a pot of water boiling on the stove. Once the water has come to a boil, plop your plastic bag directly into the pot. Let the omelet cook for 12 to 15 minutes. Voila! Your omelet is ready for eating. You will notice when removing your omelet from the bag that it has maintained a perfect cylindrical structure and is evenly cooked all the way through.

Another pro tip: If you have a habit of adding any additional liquids to your omelet, skip that step. According to Claire Saffitz from Bon Appétit, this has the adverse effect of making your omelet chewy and slippery, not fluffy.