QDOBA's Springy Seasonal Menu Item Is Coming Up Mango

When thinking about spring and summer flavors, many of us are drawn to the likes of coconut, watermelon, and mango. The people in charge of the Qdoba menu seem to be on the same wavelength, as they've decided to bring back the mango salsa for Summer 2023.

The much-beloved Qdoba mango salsa hasn't been on menus since 2019 but now returns for a limited time as part of two new meals, the Mango Shrimp and Mango Chicken bowls. Of course, people can also order the mango salsa with any other menu item.

Qdoba's mango salsa includes a number of tasty ingredients, the first and foremost being mango. In the past, this salsa has also used bell peppers, tomato, red onion, jalapeno, cucumber, cilantro, and a dash of lime juice. Perhaps it was ripe for a comeback, as the previous few years have seen the mango become increasingly popular in the U.S. And as you can probably imagine, Qdoba fans were thrilled to hear the salsa was returning.

The Qdoba mango salsa truly is a fan favorite

In a statement to PR Newswire, Qdoba's chief marketing officer explained that the driving force in bringing back the mango salsa was its fans. She said, "We heard [our fans] clamoring for the tropical flavors of our mango salsa so we brought it back." As we all know, it's one thing for a business to say an item is popular with fans, and another for fans to demonstrate how popular the item is. The mango salsa has seen some demonstrations on social media.

Fans have commented about their excitement on Qdoba's Facebook announcement, and they seemed even more enthusiastic on Instagram, with one asking, "Can I have three scoops, please?" Another commenter said they were crying "tears of happiness." That could also just be the salsa's onions making folks cry, but hey, what do we know? Actually, we do know that mango salsa is not going to stick around forever – which may be upsetting to people – but they can always try a mango salsa recipe at home to tide them over.