11 Foods At World Market You Should And Shouldn't Be Buying

When you're looking at a long list of items you need to buy, whether it's food, home décor, or outdoor furniture, finding a one-stop shop makes all those errands super easy. No one wants to schlep around to five or six different stores trying to cross everything off their list. In a world where convenience is king, the kinds of places that carry all of those goods are pure gold to consumers. This is exactly what makes World Market such an ideal place to make your purchases. It has almost everything you could ask for under one roof. There's nothing better than hammering out a day of shopping in one fell swoop.

World Market offers all kinds of products, including food and drink, so you can cross off that annoying additional trip to the crowded supermarket. Are you making spaghetti in the upcoming future? World Market has you covered. If your sweet tooth starts acting up and you need some candy, Look no further than the selection at World Market. However, just because you have the opportunity to buy a variety of goods doesn't mean everything you're going home with is up to par. You have to do your research before you just go throwing things in your basket willy-nilly. So, before your next World Market excursion, do yourself a favor and brush up on some items that aren't worth your time and money.

1. Should buy: Hello Kitty Sanrio Mystery Snack Box

Everyone loves a good mystery, and how could they not? When suspense and tension build, they put your mind into overdrive trying to figure out an answer. A great mystery captivates the imagination and doesn't let go. This is exactly what makes the Hello Kitty Sanrio Mystery Box such a great buy at World Market. It's a big ol' box full of a variety of sweets you know nothing about until you crack it open. It gets both your curiosity and your appetite kicked into gear, and that's a huge win-win.

The box comes with an assortment of candy, cookies, and drinks, which also makes this a perfect gift idea. If there's one thing people love, it's variety, and this offers exactly that. The colors are vibrant and fun, and the Hello Kitty characters are all super adorable, and that puts a smile on your face. Plus, if you receive something you may not enjoy, there are a bunch more goodies to pick from. One customer wrote that while they didn't enjoy the seaweed, they loved the candies and the garlic chips and that they'd certainly purchase this mystery box again. 

2. Shouldn't buy: Tasty Bite Organic Turmeric Rice

Not everyone has the time to crank out an intricate dinner after they get home from work, which is why microwave products are so popular. Often, the stress of the day just erodes our willingness to gather the energy to whip up a multi-course meal when six o'clock hits. Luckily, plenty of companies make all sorts of foods that only require a quick stint in the microwave before they're ready to eat, but that doesn't always mean they're worth your time. This leads us to one World Market product you should absolutely avoid: The Tasty Bite Organic Turmeric Rice.

Don't let the 90-second microwave time written on the bag dupe you into purchasing this. Sure, it only takes a minute and a half until you have a big bowl of Basmati rice with turmeric, cinnamon oil, and cardamom oil, but it's a bowl of rice you are not going to want to finish once you take that first bite. The texture of the rice is super gummy, and none of the flavors pop as they should. One person who clearly regretted the decision to make the purchase noted that this product was so bad that they should have returned it to the store. Stay away from this product, and you'll avoid a return trip to the store to get back your money.

3. Should buy: My Favorite Traditional French Crepe Mix

If there's one country that truly knows how to perfect a classy dish, it's France. The French have their hands all over some of the best foods in the world, like croissants, foie gras, and ratatouille. If your goal is to knock the socks off of guests at a dinner party, do yourself a favor and whip up a classic French meal: Game, set, match. But, starting your day with a French breakfast is a surefire way to get yourself in a great mood, which is why you gotta invest in the My Favorite Traditional French Crepe Mix at World Market.

It's tough to feel like you're about to conquer the day after eating a super heavy morning meal, and that's why crepes are so ideal. They're super light and won't sit in your stomach like a pound of cement. Plus, you can add just about anything to them, and that versatility is clutch. Craving something sweet? Pop it into a crepe. Craving something savory? A crepe is still the right move. It's breakfast done right, and lots of customers agree. One customer excitedly commented that this was the best crepe mix ever, and another agreed with the sentiment, writing that the crepes always have a great texture and flavor.  

4. Shouldn't buy: Busseto California Snackin' Spicy Salami Bites

When the urge to harness your inner carnivore strikes, you don't always have the energy to fire up the grill and slap a thick steak on the range. Sometimes you just want an easily accessible snack that's delicious and scratches that meaty itch you developed. But, if you find yourself perusing the options at World Market for snackable meats, do not dabble in the Busseto California Snackin' Spicy Salami Bites, even if you might feel them staring you down. These are some bites that you'll be happy you never bit.

These little red discs of pork look like they'd be a solid option, but as soon as one hits your palate you realize just how big a mistake you made. You hardly get any pork flavor, but what you do get is a massive blast of overly salty, tough-to-chew meat. Your jaw muscles work overtime to grind up some of the saltiest pork you've ever had. You better have some water handy to help dilute the sheer intensity of the sodium. This is a highly unenjoyable item that absolutely should not find its way into your fridge: Your taste buds will thank you. 

5. Should Buy: Moni Mini Coffee Collection Syrups

So many of us rely heavily on that morning cup of Joe to help kick-start our day. When that alarm clock starts blaring, rolling out of bed isn't always easy, but knowing some hot coffee is only a few minutes away gives us that extra push to start the day. A little liquid energy never did anyone wrong, and that's exactly what makes the Moni Mini Coffee Collection Syrups at World Market a must-buy for anyone who needs that boost of caffeine after they wake up.

The collection contains five different bottles, and each carries a different delicious flavor to add to your morning brew so you get a lovely blast of sweet flavoring to help put a smile on your stomach, and no one wants to leave their house with a frowning appetite. The collection contains caramel, amaretto, hazelnut, Irish cream, and vanilla flavors, so you can toss back a different flavor every day of the workweek. Plus you can also use these for milkshakes, tea, and cocktails, as well. One customer wrote that some of the flavors are denser than others. Dense flavors equal a successful morning, folks.

6. Shouldn't buy: Blue Elephant Tom Kha Soup

If you're on the hunt for a dish that's packed with lots of loud, eclectic flavors, Asian cuisine has you covered. So many Asian dishes are chock-full of vibrant ingredients that result in a roundhouse kick of unique flavors and textures. If you're a big fan of Thai food, then you're likely familiar with tom kha soup. This spicy and sour dish is packed with great flavors thanks to ingredients like coconut milk, fish sauce, ginger, and lemongrass. This is what makes the Blue Elephant Tom Kha Soup at World Market such a huge bummer: It offers none of those aromas and flavors you excitedly expect.

Not only are the flavors weak, but the aesthetics of the soup are also a turnoff, with one customer writing that the soup was awful and it had an off-putting aftertaste.  Another wrote that it didn't resemble tom kha soup at all. It's bad enough to have a taste that turns people off, but when you combine that with an awful color you're dealing with an absolute disaster of a product. If you want a proper tom kha soup, save your money for a nice Thai restaurant with a kitchen staff that knows what they're doing.

7. Should buy: Finca Helechal Charcuterie Sampler

When you're on your way to a gathering with friends or family, there are two things you're likely looking forward to; lively conversations and eating some great food. Sure, it's always nice to socialize, but those conversations are made infinitely better when you're munching on some delicious grub. And plopping a charcuterie board down in the middle of the party is a guaranteed way to get people stoked about the culinary spread. That's the kind of stuff that immediately piques the interest of hungry stomachs. So, wow the guests at your next home fiesta with the Finca Helechal Charcuterie Sampler from World Market.

The sampler consists of three kinds of pork. You get slices of Serrano shoulder, Iberico chorizo, and Iberico salchichon, and they all make for a super savory addition to any meat and cheese board. Grab a slice and pair it with some cheese and grapes, and you have yourself a blast of different flavors that'll have you reaching back to the board before you're done chewing. One customer wrote that they love pairing the sampler with cheese, red wine, and grapes. Another said that their family practically inhaled this platter. It's tough not to inhale a wonderful selection of sliced meat when the quality is top-notch.

8. Shouldn't buy: Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce

A kick of spice can do wonders for a dish. If you find the right balance of heat to pair with whatever ingredients you're using, you can take a dish that might already have been a perfect 10 and send it into a score 11 territory. But heat can be super problematic when it masks the flavor of every ingredient it's paired with and delivers nothing but pure tongue-scorching pain. This is exactly the problem with Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce. Unless you were born with a fire extinguisher attached to the inside of your mouth, leave this off the shopping list.

Anyone who's seen the YouTube hot wing show "Hot Ones" knows all too well just how dangerous Da Bomb is. As soon as the interviewees reach the wing doused in this sauce, their whole demeanor changes for the worse. They start grabbing for water and choking on every word. There's no flavor in the sauce here. It's liquid pain, and that's it. It's the kind of hot sauce you should get paid to eat because of the damage it does to your taste buds. Obviously, there are people out there with wildly high heat tolerances who might enjoy this, but for everyone else, it's just plain torture.

9. Should buy: S&B Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil Umami Topping

Capturing an umami sensation in food is always a treat to your taste buds. There's something about the savoriness of an umami–packed dish that sends your palate on a cosmic journey to Flavortown (don't forget to give Guy Fieri a huge high five when you arrive). Of course, you don't always have the ingredients on hand to imbue a dish with that coveted taste, which is why it's so important to have yourself a jar of S&B Crunchy Garlic with Chili Oil Umami Topping on hand in your kitchen. This is one World Market product your kitchen desperately needs.

The topping consists of chili oil, bits of fried garlic, almonds, and chili paste, and you can put it on almost anything to give a dish a lovely kick of heat and savory sensations of garlic and almonds. It's also not overly hot, which is great for anyone who wants that umami feel without scorching their tongue. The deep red color also adds a blast of aesthetics to a meal, and that's never a bad thing. One customer commented that they love adding this to every dish. Another wrote that this secret ingredient has the perfect amount of spice and that it makes their house smell like a great Chinese restaurant.  

10. Shouldn't buy: British Confectionery Food Gift Box

At first, the British Confectionary Food Gift Box at World Market seems like it would be a slam dunk of a product. A box with "Stockley's Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets, Barratt Milk Bottles gummy candy, Walker's Nonsuch English Creamy toffees, Norfolk Manor Wine Gums and Jelly Babies, Mrs. Tilly's Clotted Cream Fudge bar, Flower & White Chocolate Meringue bar, and two Lee's bars in Jaffa Orange or Mint flavors" should offer you an array of favors too hard to resist. But, unfortunately, all of those products come together to create one carton of disappointment.

One customer was extremely blunt about their dissatisfaction with the item. They wrote that this product really isn't worth it and that it doesn't compare to U.K. brands, and that people would be better off buying U.K. confectionery as well. It's a shame that this subpar assortment doesn't adequately do justice to a country like England, which has so much great stuff to offer. Take that customer's advice and purchase your sugary treats a la carte instead.

11. Should buy: Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Ramen Bowl

Instant ramen often gets a bad rep. People associate it with broke college kids who can't afford anything other than super cheap food. The thing is, they're not entirely wrong. Instant ramen is astoundingly affordable, which makes it perfect for college kids and stocking dorms. But that doesn't mean you should scoff at the entire world of instant ramen. Instead, pick yourself up the Samyang Cheese Hot Chicken Ramen Bowl at World Market, and you might just find yourself stocking up your kitchen cabinets with the stuff.

This little microwavable bowl packs one heck of a tasty flavor. The ramen noodles themselves are thin and soft, which makes for a wonderful mouthfeel. Both the chicken and cheese flavors are very pronounced, and that's a great thing. The savoriness of the chicken pairs really well with the blast of cheese flavor, and there's a creaminess to every bite that coats your palate like a warm, gooey blanket. One customer wrote that this ramen is incredibly delicious and spicy. Another said that they've been purchasing this product for eight years. It takes a great product to keep someone a loyal fan for almost a decade.