McDonald's Brings Back A Long-Awaited Menu Item And We Can't Wait

Fans of McDonald's are about to get a real treat from the chain just in time for summer. For the first time in eight years, McDonald's is bringing back its Oreo Frappe. The Oreo Frappe was first introduced on the McCafe menu back in 2015, but was slated as a limited-time offering. The chain wasn't messing around when it said limited time, as it's taken almost a decade to make its way back. The returning frappe will make its debut in May, and has undergone some upgrades since fans first saw it. In some locations, the iced mocha beverage will now be served with an entire Oreo cookie and a blue spoon for easy scooping.

The new Oreo frappe will join the caramel and mocha frappe that are currently mainstays on the McCafe menu. Even though the Oreo Frappe hasn't officially been on the menu, it hasn't stopped loyal customers from attempting to create a version of it at the drive-thru. A 2022 TikTok video from @brittbratt305 showed customers how to hack the menu to create a version of the Oreo frappe. Customers had to order a mocha frappe and ask for Oreos to be blended in. One McDonald's employee confirmed this was a viable hack, writing, "I work in McDonald's & a lot of customers order this, still haven't tried it yet."

International McDonald's serve the Oreo Frappe

While those of us in the U.S. have been waiting years for the return of the Oreo Frappe, international McDonald's have their own versions that have been staples on the menu. In Japan, the Choco Oreo Frappe is made with crushed Oreo cookies, and chocolate sauce, and is topped with whipped cream. In Austria, the Oreo Frappe is made using the country's vanilla frappe, chocolate cookies, and crumbled Oreo pieces. The returning Oreo Frappe will still use mocha as the base, but with an addition of cookies and cream syrup blended right in for an extra punch of cookie flavor.

The U.S. lagged behind other countries in developing and releasing the Oreo frappe, but sadly, there are other unique frappes that still haven't made their way stateside. In Japan, customers were treated to macarons on the side of select frappes. In Singapore, customers can choose from both green and Himalayan tea options. Only time will tell if the U.S. McDonald's will take a hint from its international locations and bring some more unique items stateside.