The Best Way To Add New Life To Your Leftover Sushi Involves Eggs

Every sushi lover has likely gotten overzealous with their take-out order and thus been left with remaining bits and pieces of various rolls, even after feasting on their chosen fare. However, it can be tricky to figure out what to do with sushi leftovers, as the rice can often dry out by the next day. 

If eating your leftover sushi pieces dry and cold doesn't sound appealing, you may want to test an alternative approach highlighted in a TikTok video. To do this hack, you need to have one additional ingredient on hand, but with only a little bit of extra cooking time, you can turn those uninspiring rolls into a somewhat new dish.

In the TikTok video, the creator dipped individual pieces of sushi into a beaten egg and pan-fried each one until the egg coating turned a golden brown hue and formed an outside crust. As they claimed in the video, the technique creates a bit of a barrier that helps keep the rice moist. Anyone who has ever made fried rice at home knows what a difference a bit of egg and oil can make. That particular dish is best crafted with day-old, cold rice—  and while sushi rice is a bit different, the theory behind the concept is the same. 

Pan-searing your egg-coated sushi will change the taste, as you'll be searing whatever is inside the roll, too. You can also embrace the variation on your original take-out dinner and amp up its crispy exterior even more by dipping each egg-coated roll in panko for additional texture.

Other ways to reheat leftover sushi rolls

While you might only dip fresh sushi rolls in soy sauce so the fish flavor remains the star of the show, many fried sushi rolls come with a dipping sauce or drizzle. Why not take inspiration from those menu options for your next-day sushi snack? A simple mixture of mayonnaise and sriracha creates a spicy, creamy sauce that can be drizzled over your pan-fried leftover sushi.


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If you don't have an egg on hand or don't love the idea of a crispy coating on your sushi pieces, don't worry. There are a few other methods to consider. The quickest and easiest is to stick leftover sushi in the microwave, although you'll want to be extra careful about how long it's in, lest you end up with a dry, overcooked mess on your hands. A mere 30 seconds ​should do the trick. To keep the rice moist, heat it with a glass of water beside it in the microwave.

Or, for a middle ground between the two approaches, you could bake your rolls in a conventional oven or a toaster oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for four minutes on each side. This will give a slightly crisp exterior but not quite as much as pan-frying would accomplish. Just be mindful of the time spent reheating so the sushi doesn't overcook.